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What is Open Tent Academy?

Open Tent Academy is a consortium of phenomenal instructors, who are offering homeschooling (and “after-schooling”) students an array of amazing classes.   All OTA instructors are committed to excellence in education.  Our goal is to guide students allowing them to ponder, think, analyze and draw conclusion under the guidance of our teachers and their families.  We believe that this is best accomplished through interactive classes filled with discussion and open ended questions.  We want them to think!

Parents can opt for one class or a full curriculum.  That is up to what is best for you and your family!

The staff at OTA is here to guide you in your decision making.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to the Director, Eva Goldstein-Meola, at eva@opententacademy.com or to any of our instructors.  All emails can be found on the instructor’s page.

OTA does not offer a diploma.  We offer classes.  Most of our classes for high school students does translate into the equivalent of high school credit.  This is based on the hours they meet, expectations, homework given etc.   Please look on the class’s individual syllabus for further details.

What sets OTA apart from the rest?

  • Amazing instructors who were hand-picked because they are the best in their field and passionate about their subject matter.
  • An amazing Learning Management System that parents and students have access to 24/7. This will keep the students on top of their classwork with reminders, assignments posted, grades posted, interactive videos and more!
  • State of the art virtual classrooms.
  • We hold classes LIVE! But, yes, we do record the live version for future viewing.
  • Our instructors engage the students in stimulating dialogue.
  • Small class setting.
  • Challenging, meaningful assignments.
  • Evaluations on each assignment through written feedback, oral feedback (audio) or video feedback.
  • Group projects. Yes, you read the correctly – GROUP projects.
  • “While we teach, we learn.” (Seneca, Roman philosopher) Students become teachers!  Studies show that students learn best when they are asked to teach; therefore, during each class students will be asked to put together a presentation, video or share something that they learned and explain it to the class.