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You Can't Stop Them: Project Based - Literature Class Literature with Strong Female Leads Session 1 - Winter 2019


Leadership! Courage! Empathy! Passion!

Esperanza, Joan, Ally, Melody and Charlotte had it all.

Together, in this class, we will read, discuss, debate and analyze about the leading ladies in five award winning yet very different novels. Students are expected to read the novel independently and come prepared to discuss.

Due to the content of these books, I ask that all students are respectful to one another. Independently or in wikigroups, students will be responsible to complete either a project or a paper (of their choice from a list) with every novel.

Parents please read the descriptions of the novels below, so you are aware of the content we will be reading. This class is for VERY mature 5th grade through 8th grade because of the content discussed in the books.

In addition, please note that students have tremendous freedom and choice in the project or paper they wish to accomplish. They are creative, artistic, technological, written and …..basically you name it the student can do it. The project is expected to take about 4 - 5 hours over the course of two weeks (one project due every other week). This is why I encourage the PRE-READING of these novels.

Please note:  Both "You Can't Stop Them" classes are independent of one another.   You can take them in ANY order.  You can join at any time.  Please just double check the novels we are reading in the syllabus to make sure that your child hasn't participated in the class. 


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