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All Aboard: Virtual Field Trips - Winter 2019


Virtual field trips have completely changed the way learners experience the world outside our four walls; they are incredibly engaged through these virtual learning experiences and get excited to visit new places and see where we are traveling to next. Come along and join us!

A virtual field trip, if done correctly and in an educationally sound fashion, can provide many of the identical cognitive and affective gains that an actual real-life field trip can provide.

The trick is to give the activity the same care and credibility as one would give to a real-life curricular excursion. Simply going to an interesting Web site would not constitute a curricular field trip in and of itself, just as an off-campus excursion to an amusement park would have limited curricular value.

I've chosen a list of locations we will virtually visit that will meet the criteria I've set below. Therefore, each class will begin with a few slides from a presentation I've made that will cover some basic information for our field trip. I'll use different methods for each trip including additional slideshows, videos, and more to help students grasp the class's subject.

Online games will be used when possible and available, and offered for out of class practice if desired. Students will fill out slotted notes and their travel journal during each class. Students will choose our last two field trips; I will give ideas for inspiration if needed. Then, I'll research, and compile information based on the student's choices. We will finish our class with a slideshow review. This class may be appropriate for younger or older learners, depending on the individual learner. You're welcome to message me if you'd like to discuss this!

Please note: During Fall 2018 and Spring 2019, there are two additional sessions of Virtual Field Trips. All three sessions are unique and independent. Students can take one, two or all three. Please come along and join us traveling around the world!

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