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International Justice: From Nuremberg to the International Criminal Court - Spring 2019


This class will focus on the International Criminal Court – a permanent independent international court, closely connected but not a part of the UN system.

Beginning with WWII, students will discover the amazing history of the fight for global justice and ultimately a more peaceful existence. The first two weeks of this course will help students to understand the progression of international justice from Nuremberg through regional courts and finally to the installation of a permanent court to try atrocity crimes.

Turning to focus for six weeks on the International Criminal Court – students will dive deep to focus on three topical themes
1) Law or War where students will be faced with questions for debate such as ‘should the U.S. join the treaty to become a part of the International Criminal Court’
2) Peace and Justice where students will focus on two questions. First the ramifications of the use of child soldiers and the idea of child soldiers as victims or perpetrators of crimes. Secondly, students will learn about local justice systems, comparing those to international justice mechanisms.
3) Testing the Limits where students will consider how far the UN and an international court can really go to achieve international justice.

In the final two weeks of the course students will engage in a team debate with the question to be considered – Can war be waged legally? Here the students will put their new knowledge and critical analysis into action to debate whether it is possible, under existing international laws, for governments or rebel groups to wage war legally considering issues such as child soldiers, the bombing of medical facilities and the displacement of civilian populations.

NOTE: It is not necessary to have taken the international law course offered in the winter, in order to take this course. It is also important to note that the material will NOT be overlapping, so you may take both to engage in a deep understanding of issues of international law and restorative justice and peace.)

Deadline for Registration is March 15, 2019.

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