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Registration FAQs

Do you have a question that is not answered here? Try using our site search feature at the right of the top menu bar, and if you still don’t find the answer you need, email it to info@opententacademy.com and we’d be glad to help.

Registration Questions

If you go to the Navigation Bar on www.opententacademy.com and click on the Calendar drop-down, you will see links posted for our yearly schedule. Please note the FALL 2018 dates, the WINTER 2019, and the SPRING 2019 dates. Our FULL YEAR classes will meet during the dates marked for FALL 2018, WINTER 2019, and SPRING 2019.

NOTE: If you are taking Eva Goldstein-Meola’s IEW Writing classes, please note the schedule and dates are slightly different. IEW Writing classes meet every other week on an “A Week” and “B Week” schedule.

Yes, you are correct! Because Eva Goldstein-Meola, Director, is Jewish and she can’t work on the Jewish High Holidays, all students and teachers can benefit and enjoy this “little fall break” in the calendar. Teachers will provide an extended assignment during this “time off” to keep your children busy!

Our typical class sizes range anywhere from 10 – 15 students per section, with each teacher having the discretion to decide what class size works best based on the content and structure of the course, the age of the students, and other considerations. Should a class reach capacity, a wait list will be established. If space becomes available, the students on the wait list will be contacted in order of “wait list registration”. Each class has a minimum of five students for the class to be run. If the minimum is not met, the parents will be contacted by August 1, 2018.

That truly depends on the individual children. Please feel free to email the instructor for each course. You can find their email addresses on their individual profile pages. You can also contact Eva directly; she would be glad to discuss your child!

Yes, OTA closes for Thanksgiving Week, Winter Break and Spring Break. You will see these incorporated into the schedule.

OTA’s classes are LIVE VIRTUAL; however, we know all students (and families) have very busy schedules! Because of this, OTA not only holds LIVE VIRTUAL classes BUT in addition, those classes are RECORDED and available after the class meets. This way if your child misses a class, they can watch the recording do the work and be on target for the next class. It is advised that students watch the recording as soon as possible.

Of course, they can! OTA has many students who “after school” with us. Most classes are during the day when your child is in school; however, some are later in the afternoon so they can join us live. With that said, if the class you want is during the day when your child is in school, of course, they can participate by watching the recordings, doing their assignments, being in contact with their instructors! We have many students who “after school.” I would suggest that the parent contacts the instructor prior to the start of the school year to let the instructor know that their child will be watching the recordings.

If a class doesn’t hit the minimum enrollment by August 1st, parents will be notified. At this point, they can opt to wait another two weeks to see if the class hits five students, switch to any class that is absolutely running or request a tuition refund.

By August 15th, any class that doesn’t hit the five student minimum will be cancelled unless the teacher opts to teach the class with fewer students. Again, the parents will be notified and they can opt to choose another class or a tuition refund.

It is best if you provide us with both your own and your child’s email addresses when registering. We recommend that your child’s email be on Gmail, but it is not required. However, it is best if the address is formatted as (firstnamelastnameATyouremaildomain.com) or (firstname.lastnameATyouremaildomain.com) vs. a “cute” email handle. Your child’s name and email address will NOT be put on any advertising list. The purpose of collecting your child’s email is strictly for registering them in our Learning Management System, Canvas. At no time will your child’s email be used or shared with anyone or any entity outside of OTA, unless explicit permission is granted by the child’s parent.

Classes are blocked out for UP TO 90 minutes per session; however, our teachers have the discretion as to determining the specific duration of each session. For instance, a class for children in grades 3 – 6 will most likely run for about 60 minutes per session, because of their attention span, while a class for middle school and high school students will run between 75 – 90 minutes per session. Due to the nature of virtual classes, sessions may sometimes run a bit shorter (or longer) than planned. This is why OTA blocks out 90 minute time slots for each session; in order to guarantee that the teacher will not run out of teaching time.