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Geula Twersky

Geula Twersky


Geula Twersky, M.Ed., English teacher, author, artist, speaker and mother, has been in education for over two decades. She holds two Masters degrees in Bible Studies; from Bar Ilan University and the Bernard Revel Graduate School.

Currently, Geula teaches art classes for children and adults, inspiring her students to grow their inner artist. In addition to teaching art, Geula teaches High School English. In the past, Geula taught in an Elementary School, instructing third and fourth graders.

In 1999, Geula was recognized as a Master Educator by the Gruss Foundation when she received a $10,000 award for Creativity in the Classroom. Geula served as a pedagogical counselor for new teachers in SAR Academy of Riverdale, and in the Shaar Program at the Drisha Institute in New York.

In addition to her work in the field of education, Geula is also a published author and an internationally acclaimed artist. Her new book on the Song of Songs, Song of Riddles, is due to come out in 2017 with Gefen Publishers. Geula’s artwork is sold in the Artmosphere Gallery and in several online venues. You can view her work at www.geulaart.com.

Geula Twersky specializes in educating lifelong learners by tapping into the personal creativity of her students.