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Jessica Elkins

Jessica Elkins


Jessica Elkins is a homeschooling mom of 3 (Audree-9, Nathaniel-5, Madeline-2), and a home daycare provider from Kentucky. I've been homeschooling for about three years. Through homeschooling, I have realized there was a need for nontraditional schooling in the homeschooling community.

After sharing my lesson plans and activities with parents across the globe, I was inspired to share them on Open Tent with you!

What drives me as a teacher is using what learners are already interested in as a tool for education. I meet them where they are and use their interests to teach them what they need to know in a way that makes them want to learn.

Personally, I'm a huge geek, nerd, PC gamer (World of Warcraft--I've played since vanilla!), and tabletop/board gamer; therefore, you will see this method applied in many of my classes.

I'm a firm believer that young people want to learn. It's up to those of us teaching to make the material young people need to learn desirable and interesting. That's exactly what I do in my classes!

I can't wait to see you in my classes!