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Kristen Elizabeth

Kristen Elizabeth


Kristen Elizabeth grew up in Los Angeles. As the daughter of a professional film critic, she had only two goals in life, to become an actor and a teacher. Kristen began acting at an early age, working her way up from community theater to professional film acting. As a teacher, Kristen has worked with all ages teaching performing arts for multiple talent agencies and at her own studios. In addition, she worked within the K12 system in both public and private schools as a certified classroom teacher and private tutor. Kristen holds a BA in Media & Film Studies with a minor in Theater Arts with teacher certification.

Film Studies is a subject that offers multiple layers of learning. By turning screen-time into learning time students tend to be more engaged in their lessons because they naturally enjoy watching and discussing movies. Film classes focus on critical thinking skills that can be used to teach Literature, History, Social Studies, and the art of film making. In theater performance classes students are actively creating and discovering the self rather than analyzing other's work.

Kristen's number one goal is to instill confidence in her students. She wants her students to feel both capable and challenged. Learning should be a fun and exciting experience - always thinking outside the box and co-creating through mutual discovery.

Kristen is the proud mother of three young adults whom were often homeschooled, and are now all artists working in different mediums. She is also an avid animal lover and rescuer with two dogs, two cats, and a house full of fur! She loves watching movies, reading, hiking, kayaking, and sunset bonfires on the beach.