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Penina Taylor

Penina Taylor


Penina Taylor is an inspirational and motivational speaker and teacher.  She homeschooled her four children for over 15 years during which time she created a homeschool support group and co-op program in her community in Baltimore, MD. Penina also created a non-sectarian Home education umbrella program, which she ran for several years. She is a homeschool curriculum consultant, and creator of a workshop designed to help homeschooling families with schedules, planning and living on one income.

Penina regularly runs workshops and webinars on the topics of faith and personal growth, and her educational philosophy is based on the concept that learning is one of the basic human needs. She believes that the real job of an educator is to ignite the student’s curiosity; after that, the rest is easy. 

Penina lives to inspire people of all ages, and especially to equip parents who want to homeschool with the tools they need to do so. When not in front of the camera teaching, Penina enjoys traveling, being out in nature, and homesteading where she discovered that watching her chickens can teach a lot about human nature.