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Shayna Hume

Shayna Hume


Shayna Hume is a senior at the University of Miami (Florida) on an academic scholarship, studying aerospace engineering, mathematics, and management. Although she graduated high school from Thomas Jefferson High School of Science and Technology (Alexandria, VA), she has been involved with the homeschooling community since she began her personal homeschooling journey in kindergarten.

During her sophomore year of high school (2012), Shayna ran a private tutoring business, working with students preparing for the SAT, ACT and TJHSST exam. While tutoring, her specialty was helping high school students score a perfect math score and writing score on the college placement exams. During high school, Shayna was section editor of the newspaper, created its online version, and finally, editor in chief, of TjToday.

Since 2014, she has interned twice at NASA Goddard Space and Flight Center, and twice with Lockheed Martin. First, she worked with Lockheed Martin at Space Systems Company in Palo Alto, California and then, she worked with them at Skunkworks in Palmdale, CA. She currently does research with a professor with aerodynamics and runs several engineering clubs on campus.

Outside of engineering, she loves to take time to teach and write, and does STEM outreach with the local Coral Gables, Florida community.