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Tess Wigginton

Tess Wigginton


My name is Tess Wigginton. I live in Ohio, and teaching literature and writing is my passion. I received my degree in Music and English from the University of Mount Saint Joseph. Years ago, I began my teaching career as the technology teacher at St. Francis de Sales Elementary. Although it was enjoyable, it couldn’t hold a candle to teaching teenagers. After that, I taught 9th grade English, Journalism, and Digital Video Production at Newark Catholic High School. After eleven years teaching at Newark Catholic High School, I took time off to raise my family; however, I found that I missed sharing my love of literature with teenagers. When I heard about Open Tent Academy, I was thrilled to get the opportunity to teach again in such a unique and personal way.

I have two children, who are now adults. My son is twenty-eight and lives in Bright-Lights-Big-City New York and my daughter, who is twenty-five, stayed closer to home so she could hang out with her mom on weekends. Like most parents, my children are still, as adults, the center of my life (don’t tell my husband!) and they make me proud all the time.

I am crazy about pets. Presently, I have a 100-pound German Shepherd, who I swear is smarter than most adults I know. Prior, I’ve had Scottish Terriers and Doberman Pinschers, both breeds I’d have again in a second. I’ve had several cats, and rats, too. Yep - rats. They’re awesome cage pets - so smart and affectionate, and very clean.

In my spare time, I read, I blog, and I watch Sherlock and BookTV on C-SPAN (NERD ALERT!), and I bake. I can’t wait to meet you!