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Thomas Jones


Thomas Jones brings to Open Tent Academy a wealth of experience! Not only is he a teacher and homeschooling father. He has taught homeschoolers, both in person and online since 2005! But, wait…. There is so much more!

Mr. Jones is a lawyer, focusing on evidence, immigration for world leaders in medicine and science, and asylum. In addition, he has taught forensic science and unsolved crimes at SUNY Empire State College. Finally, he is a published author. He has written a course manual for forensic science, which is used by high school and college students in the United States and in Europe.

Thomas Jones' teaching style can best be described as a Socratic quest for thought. By this, he means that the most important aspect of teaching is to get my students thinking. It is much more important for a student to develop their critical and analytical thinking skills than to recite a list of facts.

The greatest comment Thomas Jones ever received on a student evaluation was a college student who wrote that he was the first teacher who really wanted him (the student) to think. He recognizes the differences in abilities, interests, and backgrounds in his students, and tailors his questions and challenges to maximize each student's experience.

Thomas Jones is also a published fantasy writer. He has seven volumes of a children's fantasy series called Guardians of Elestra.

Finally, one other unique aspect of Thomas' life is that he leads groups focused on homeschooling with chronic illness. His family has had to deal with long-term health issues, and he wants to help others who are just getting their feet wet in this area as well.