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What do we need to purchase to attend class?

What do we need to purchase to attend class?

High speed internet access will create a strong foundation for your student’s participation. Students with dial-up access or without the proper hardware/software often struggle in online classes.

This link will provide you with the technical requirements needed for our virtual classrooms.

Students should purchase a headset/microphone combo so that they can participate in class discussion. These can be purchased for starting around $15.

Each class will also require the purchase of various books, which are listed on the syllabus that you can download from the Class Descriptions page. Because reading comprehension is a critical component of skill development, we do not recommend using an e-reader for any of the work. Studies have shown that such tools/technologies decreases student learning. Additionally, often certain passages or components of a book used by the teacher may not be present in other editions of a book. For this reason, we encourage you to obtain the exact resources required. Most of the can be found via Amazon.

NOTE: Some teachers may assess a supply fee instead of a textbook. This fee may cover the cost of user licenses for your student’s access to various online materials including pdfs of textbooks, access to websites used for the class, or actual physical materials deemed necessary by the teacher. Such materials would be emailed to your student.