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This year is the year to change the way you are educating your child!

Open Tent Academy (OTA) is an all-inclusive, online platform where homeschoolers (and “after-schoolers”) are able to take an array of courses, taught LIVE by instructors, who are experts in their fields.

We offer our families an exciting opportunity to change the way learning happens at home. Advances in educational technologies, along with ever-increasing broadband availability, now allow us to bring anyone, located anywhere in the world, a variety of quality courses, covering a wide array of topics and subjects.

OTA offers classes for homeschoolers, in grades K – 12, across three terms (Fall, Winter, and Spring). Courses are delivered in either 5-week, 10-week, 20-week or 30-week sessions. Our courses cover a wide variety of subjects ranging from traditional content courses to out-of-the-box, multi-disciplinary, project-based offerings.

During the summer months, OTA also offers additional short-term camps, classes, and workshops.

OTA courses take place on the following scheduled days and times: 9 am ET (6 am PT), 11 am ET (8 am PT), 1 pm ET (10 am PT), and 3 pm ET (12 pm PT) on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday!

In general, class lengths range between 45 minutes (for our little learners) to 90 minutes for our older students.

Our classes are delivered live and online in a highly interactive virtual classroom environment that provides our families with an amazing experience. Students who are unable to attend live sessions are able to watch class recordings, which are available for viewing 24/7.

Our learning management system, Canvas by Instructure, is where students have access to all class materials online, at any time, from anywhere! Links to the virtual class sessions (and recordings) are posted there, along with class notes and presentations used during the live class, videos, homework assignments, announcements, discussion groups, and more!  All homework is submitted digitally via upload to Canvas, and learners can write their teachers directly using the Canvas Inbox.

Our OTA teachers provide both instruction and grading. At the end of each course, teachers will send out a final grade report (PDF file), and parents can ALWAYS look at their child’s grade book in Canvas throughout the semester. Finally, parents can always contact the instructor directly if they have any additional questions.

Come take a look at what Open Tent Academy is all about! You will love what you see!

Open Tent Academy is an inclusive and non-sectarian program, open to students from all backgrounds.

OTA and AP® / College Board®

Open Tent Academy is now a Level 1 AP® approved organization with the College Board®. For more specific information on what this can mean for your homeschooler, especially when it comes to exams and courses, please click here.

NCAA® Approved Core Courses

Are you homeschooling a student-athlete? If so, it may interest you to know that many of our core high-school level courses are pre-approved by the NCAA. No more need to worry about scrambling for documentation and filling out worksheets. For more information, please contact Jonathan.

Florida Residents: OTA is now a Step Up / PEP / FES-UA Services Provider!

If you are a Florida resident, Open Tent Academy is very happy to announce that we are now a provider (in partnership with Step Up for Students) of services for recipients of both Personalized Education Plan (PEP) scholarships, and the Family Empowerment Scholarship for Students with Unique Abilities (FES-UA) – formerly known as the Gardiner scholarship. This program allows families of qualified children (including homeschoolers) to be reimbursed for qualified expenses, including live, online instruction.

For more information on this program, please visit our PEP / FES-UA page.

For more information on how to apply for these programs, please contact Step Up For Students directly.

Utah: Utah Fits All Scholarship Program

Open Tent Academy is now a services provider for the Utah Fits All Scholarship Program. Beginning in the 2024-25 school year, the Utah Fits All Scholarship Program will provide up to $8,000 to about 5,000 Utah K-12 students through an education savings account (ESA). Scholarship accounts may be used for education expenses and services, including private school tuition and fees, tutoring services, testing fees, materials and curriculum costs, contracted services, and more. To access the Utah Fits All Scholarship Program, students must be residents of the State of Utah, and they must be eligible to participate in public school in kindergarten through grade 12. While the applications will be prioritized and awarded based on income and previous participation, the program is universal for those who meet eligibility requirements, and all are welcome to apply. Students may receive a partial scholarship while also enrolled part-time in a school district or charter school. Home-based ESA students are also eligible.

For more information on the program, please contact the Utah State Board of Education via email, or via the scholarship portal page.

Arizona: Empowerment Scholarship Program

Open Tent Academy is now an eligible online provider for recipients of Arizona’s Empowerment Scholarship Program.

With the ESA program, the money that would pay for that student’s education in a neighborhood school follows that student to whichever school the parents choose for their child, including education at home.  ESA dollars cover multiple education expenses such as private school tuition, curricula, educational supplies, tutoring and more.

For more information, please visit our Arizona ESA page.

New Hampshire: EFA

Open Tent Academy is now an approved virtual provider of educational services for recipients of the New Hampshire’s Education Freedom Account, which is managed by the NH Children’s Scholarship Fund. The EFA covers educational expenses such as, but not limited to, online tutoring, online learning programs, educational supplies, and other educational expenses.

For more information, please visit our NH EFA page.

North Carolina: NCSEAA ESA+

Open Tent Academy is now an approved tutoring services provider (in partnership with the North Carolina State Education Assistance Authority) of services for recipients of the Education Student Accounts (ESA+).

For more information, please visit our NCSEAA ESA+ page

Virginia: K-12 Learning Acceleration Grants

Open Tent Academy is a service provider for Virginia residents who qualify for the K-12 Learning Acceleration Grant. This allows qualifying families to use grant funding towards instruction “…in core content areas (English reading/writing, mathematics, science and history/social science) and foreign languages required to meet graduation requirements.”

UPDATE: The LAG grant will expire on May 30, 2024. All services must conclude and be submitted by this date, as there are no plans for the grant to continue in 2024-2025.

All-inclusive Courses

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Over 60 Courses in 12 different areas of study!

Enhance your homeschooling offerings

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All classes are recorded for later use

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Meet our OTA Instructors!

  • Alli Fisher

    Alli Fisher

    Alli Fisher
    “When you think you have made a mistake, think of...
  • Carrie Mokry

    Carrie Mokry

    Carrie Mokry
    Carrie Mokry and her family live in southeastern Virginia.  This...
  • Danielle Casale

    Danielle Casale

    Danielle Casale
    Danielle Casale, M.Ed., was born and raised in Long Island,...
  • Eva Goldstein-Meola, M.Ed

    Eva Goldstein-Meola, M.Ed

    Eva Goldstein-Meola, M.Ed
    Eva Lynn Goldstein-Meola, M.Ed., founder and director of Open Tent...
  • Heather Getson

    Heather Getson

    Heather Getson
    Heather is a graduate of Western Michigan University where she...
  • Jennifer Collins

    Jennifer Collins

    Jennifer Collins
    Mrs. Jennifer Collins has been teaching science for over 23...
  • Jonathan Meola

    Jonathan Meola

    Jonathan Meola
    Jonathan Meola (co-founder of Open Tent Academy, as well as...
  • Joy Gomez-Hicks, Ed.D

    Joy Gomez-Hicks, Ed.D

  • Mor Zrihen, M.Ed

    Mor Zrihen, M.Ed

    Mor Zrihen, M.Ed
    Mor Zrihen is a professional educational consultant, literacy specialist, and...
  • Rachel Bevins

    Rachel Bevins

    Rachel Bevins
    Rachel Bevins has a Master of Teaching degree with a...
  • Sarah Pope

    Sarah Pope

    Sarah Pope
    Sarah Pope, General Certification in Education with a focus on...
  • Sarah Rosenson

    Sarah Rosenson

    Sarah Rosenson
    In her varied career, Sarah Rosenson practiced law for a...
  • Tina Dewey

    Tina Dewey

    Tina Dewey
    Tina Dewey began her teaching career in 1991 at a...

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