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2020 – 2021 Class Dates

During 2020-2021, OTA is offering three trimesters that last 10 weeks each.

With that said, some classes go more than one trimester.  Please make sure you look at the class description as well as on the class syllabi to the length of the class:  10 week, 20 weeks or 30 weeks.  Additionally, please note what semester it will be offered:  Fall, Winter and Spring.   If you have any questions regarding class dates, please ask us at [email protected]  Please make note of these details.

Open Tent Academy attempts to provide all major holidays for the three primary religions off.   This year the Jewish High Holidays fall out in mid-October; therefore, you will notice a fall break (vacation for all) in October.  Because of the dates, teachers will provide the students with an assignment and/or project during this time off.   Finally, students do not have classes during the Thanksgiving, Christmas,  New Year, Easter/Passover holidays to make sure all our students, who celebrate those days, have time off.

If you are taking Eva Goldstein-Meola’s IEW classes, as always, these classes run 14 class meetings, every other week (except for holidays), A week or B week.  We begin in late August.  Please note at the BOTTOM of this page the IEW dates for Eva Goldstein-Meola’s IEW classes.

Finally, all sessions have a “make-up date” if a class needs to be cancelled by the instructor. Instructors will inform parents if this “make-up” date will be used.

As you can imagine, creating a schedule to guarantee that those who celebrate a major religious holiday has a day off is quite a task.  We work very hard at this.  If I have overlooked something, please email me personally at [email protected] so I can include it in future schedules.

Fall Semester

Week 1:  Week of September 14

Week 2:  Week of September 21

No classes: September 28 – October 9 (Jewish High Holidays)

Week 3:  Week of October 12

Week 4:  Week of October 19

Week 5:  Week of October 26

Week 6:  Week of November 2

Week 7:  Week of November 9

Week 8: Week of November 16

No classes: November 23 – November 26 (Thanksgiving Week)

Week 9:  Week of November 30

Week 10:  Week of December 7

Make Up Week:  Week of December 14

Winter Semester

Week 1:  Week of January 11

Week 2:  Week of January 18

Week 3:  Week of January 25

Week 4:  Week of February 1

Week 5:  Week of February 8

Week 6:  Week of February 15

Week 7:  Week of February 22

Week 8:  Week of March 1

Week 9:  Week of March 8

Week 10:  Week of March 15

Make Up Week:  Week of March 22

Spring Semester

Week 1:  Week of April 5

Week 2:  Week of April 12

Week 3:  Week of April 19

Week 4:  Week of April 26

Week 5:  Week of May 3

No classes: May 10 – 16 (Eid Al Fitr)

Week 6:  Week of May 17

Week 7:  Week of May 24

Week 8:  Week of May 31

Week 9: Week of  June 7

Week 10: Week of  June 14

Make Up Week:  Week of June 21

Writing Classes

Classes are held either Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. Please look at the day YOUR child’s course is offered.

A Week

Class 1           Week of August 31

Class 2           Week of September 14

Class 3           Week of October 12

Class 4           Week of October 26

Class 5           Week of November 9

Class 6           Week of November 30

Class 7           Week of January 4

Class 8           Week of January 18

Class 9           Week of February 1

Class 10         Week of February 15

Class 11         Week of March 1

Class 12         Week of March 15

Class 13         Week of April 12

Class 14         Week of April 26

Make Up:      Week of May 17

B Week

Class 1           Week of September 7

Class 2           Week of September 21

Class 3           Week of October 19

Class 4           Week of November 2

Class 5           Week of November 16

Class 6           Week of December 7

Class 7           Week of January 11

Class 8           Week of January 25

Class 9           Week of February 8

Class 10       Week of February 22

Class 11         Week of March 8

Class 12         Week of April 5

Class 13         Week of April 19

Class 14         Week of May 3

Make Up:      Week of May 24

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