2024 – 2025 Class Dates

During 2020-2021, OTA is offering three trimesters that last 10 weeks eac

OTA Course Schedule – General Information:

Open Tent Academy’s general course schedule consists of three trimesters: Fall, Winter, and Spring. Each trimester runs for ten (10) weeks, not counting any holiday or break periods. Please note that many of our courses span multiple trimesters.  When registering for a course, please make sure you review the “Terms/Semesters” category displayed in the description, as well as the course syllabi, to confirm when the course will take place, and its duration.

Additionally, please review and confirm in which trimester term the course will be offered:  Fall, Winter and Spring.   Also, please note that our IEW/writing courses follow a different class schedule; see below for more information.

If you have any questions regarding class dates or scheduling, please contact us at admin@opeontentacademy.com.  Please make note of these details.


Open Tent Academy strives to provide time off within our schedule for major religious holidays observed by our families who belong to the major faith communities. For 2024-2025, the Jewish High Holidays begin with Rosh Hashanah, starting on Wednesday evening, October 2nd. Due to Yom Kippur starting this year on Friday evening October 11th, we are able to hold classes during the week of October 7th. Therefore, you will notice two separate one-week breaks (vacation for all) during the weeks of September 30th (Rosh Hashanah) and October 14th (Sukkot/Simchat Torah). During these two week-long break periods, teachers will provide the students with assignments they can work on independently while classes are not meeting.

In addition, students do not have classes during the Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, Eid, and Easter/Passover holidays to ensure that all who celebrate those days are able to do so. Please refer to the schedules posted below for more information.

NOTE: Unless otherwise indicated on our yearly schedule, Open Tent Academy does hold class on weekday Federal holidays such as Columbus Day, Veterans Day, MLK Day, President’s Day, and Memorial Day. If individual teachers opt to give any of these days off, they will use make-up days in their place.

IEW/Writing Courses:

If you are taking our IEW classes, as always, these classes run for a total of 14 class meetings, held every other week (except for holidays), on either A week or B week.  For 2024-2025, our writing courses begin either during the week of August 19th (A week) or the week of August 26th (B week).

The schedule for IEW Writing classes is posted immediately below the general 2024-2025 course dates on this page.

Make-Up Days:

Finally, each trimester also has a “make-up week” built into the schedule, to be used when an instructor would need to cancel a regularly scheduled weekly class. Instructors will inform parents ASAP if this “make-up week” will be used.


As you can imagine, creating a schedule to cover all of these contingencies, and guarantee that those who celebrate major religious holiday(s) in turn have those day(s) off is quite a task.  

We work very hard to maintain this for our families. If we have overlooked something, please email Eva personally at eva@opententacademy.com so we can include it in future schedules.

2024 – 2025 Academic Schedule – 10, 20, and 30 week classes:

Fall 2024:

Week 1:  Week of September 9

Week 2:  Week of September16

Week 3:  Week of September 23

No Classes week of September 30 – Time off for Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year)

Week 4:  Week of October 7

No Classes week of October 14 – Time off for Sukkot / Simchat Torah (Jewish Festivals)

Week 5: Week of October 28

Week 6:  Week of November 4

Week 7:  Week of November 11

Week 8:  Week of November 18

No Classes week of November 25 – Time off for Thanksgiving

Week 9:  Week of December 2

Week 10:  Week of December 9

Make Up Week:  Week of December 16

No Classes weeks of December 23, 30 – Time off for Christmas and New Year

Winter 2025

Week 1:  Week of January 6

Week 2:  Week of January 13

Week 3: Week of January 20

Week 4: Week of January 27

Week 5: Week of February 3

Week 6: Week of February 10

Week 7: Week of February 17

Week 8: Week of February 24

Week 9: Week of March 3

Week 10: Week of March 10

Make Up Week:  Week of March 27

Spring 2025

Week 1:  Week of March 24

No Classes week of March 31 – Week off for Eid al-Fitr (Muslim Holiday)

Week 2:  Week of April 7

No Classes week of April 14 – Week off for Passover (Jewish Holiday) and Easter

Week 3:  Week of April 21

Week 4:  Week of April 28

Week 5:  Week of May 5

Week 6:  Week of May 12

Week 7:  Week of May 19

Week 8:  Week of May 26

Week 9:  Week of June 2

Week 10:  Week of June 9

Make Up Week:  Week of June 16

2024-2025 Academic Calendar – Writing Classes (A and B weeks):

Please note that writing classes typically meet every other week – EXCEPT when a holiday occurs between meetings.

A Week Schedule (Full Year):

Class 1:  Week of August 19

Class 2:  Week of September 2

Class 3:  Week of September 15

Class 4: Week of October 7

Class 5: Week of November 4

Class 6: Week of November 18

Class 7: Week of December 9

Class 8: Week of January 12

Class 9: Week of January 27

Class 10: Week of February 10

Class 11: Week of February 24

Class 12: Week of March 10

Class 13: Week of March 24

Class 14: Week of April 21

Make Up:  Week of May 5

B Week Schedule (Full Year):

Class 1: Week of August 26

Class 2: Week of September 9

Class 3: Week of September 23

Class 4: Week of October 28

Class 5: Week of November 11

Class 6: Week of December 2

Class 7: Week of January 6

Class 8: Week of January 20

Week 9: Week of February 3

Week 10: Week of February 17

Week 11: Week of March 3

Week 12: Week of March 17

Week 13: Week of April 7

Week 14: Week of April 28

Make Up:  Week of May 12

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