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For Open Tent Academy, it’s not only about teaching. Our mission statement, “Helping You Homeschool Better”, means that we are here to do just that: share with you the wealth of our experiences, in order to enable your success as homeschooling families within our greater OTA community.

With that in mind, we are launching several new initiatives to make sure we are here for you – our homeschooling families. This includes increased blogging and posting on relevant topics and news affecting the homeschooling world. While many of you already follow our Facebook page, we realize that there are other platforms such as Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram – and we’re stepping up our presence there as well.

We’ll also be featuring on our website a new section – OTA Interviews. We’ll be interviewing people who have interests in areas such as homeschooling, education, virtual learning, along with experts on issues such as  education trends and technologies – and we’ll sharing their thoughts and ideas with you.

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