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Eva’s Story

Meet Eva Lynn Goldstein-Meola, M.Ed:

  • Co-Founder and Teacher at Open Tent Academy
  • Masters in Education – Consulting Teacher of Reading and Writing
  • Bachelors of Science – Elementary Education / Minor in Reading
  • IEW Writing Teacher Certified
  • Writing Teacher for Homeschoolers
  • Private Writing Tutor – Grades 4 – 12
  • College Preparatory:  Advising, Essay Writing and more

Eva’s homeschooling journey began many years ago when her daughter was just five years old.   At that time, Eva had been on an extended maternity leave (a five year long maternity leave) from her teaching position in Springfield, Massachusetts.  She had just taken her daughter to the local school for kindergarten screening when she was called into the principal’s office.  The principal explained that the kindergarten teachers decided, because of where Shayna was academically, it would be best to put her daughter in second grade. Knowing this was developmentally inappropriate, Eva suddenly blurted out “Thank goodness homeschooling is legal in Massachusetts!”   From that moment forward, Eva knew she wouldn’t be returning to public education.  Together, Eva and Shayna’s homeschooling journey began.

From Western Massachusetts, they moved to Northern Virginia and continued to homeschool.  Shayna was still in her elementary years and together.  Eva and Shayna found amazing, challenging classes for Shayna to participate in; however, as Shayna “aged up” this became increasingly difficult as they were unable to sign a “Statement of Faith” that many homeschooling classes / co-ops required.   This led to Shayna eventually applying to and attending a public, magnet, by acceptance only high school, Thomas Jefferson High School of Science and Technology in Alexandria, Virginia.  Attending TJHSST, allowed Shayna to take advance math classes, advance science classes and Foreign Languages (which Eva would never be able to homeschool her in) from amazing teachers that would be able to challenge her.   During this time period, because of this experience, the concept of what eventually became Open Tent Academy started to take form; however, it took many years and changes in online education for the concept to come to fruition.

From 1986 until the present, Eva’s life has devoted to education.  As an Elementary School Teacher, Reading Specialist for an Elementary School, a Homeschooling IEW Writing Teacher, Private Tutor, College Advisor and finally, a Homeschooling Mother, she has been there, seen and experienced it all in her thirty plus years in the field of education.

In 2003, per her daughter’s request, she began teaching IEW Writing to Homeschoolers locally in Northern Virginia. She started with a small group of her daughter’s peers. Parents loved what they saw and suddenly, this grew at a phenomenal rate to over 100 students. Eight years ago, per parent’s requests, Eva went “virtual” and began teaching IEW Writing to Homeschoolers around the globe via live virtual classrooms. Today, she teaches over 220 students writing online! Yes, it is crazy; however, she loves every minute of her classes! Additionally, since 2015, Eva expanded her online offerings to offer literature, geography, history and personal development for high school students.  Eva has been fortunate enough to form amazing bonds with her students worldwide.  When traveling, she makes a point to visit whatever students live in the area she happens to be in.  While in Italy, she met up with one family in Florence and another family in Rome, spending the day with “her kids” (her students) laughing, talking and having a tremendous time!  In Jerusalem, she was lucky enough to visit families who were touring Israel.  When speaking at homeschooling conferences on the west coast, she met up with students in Los Angeles, Sacramento and Seattle.  When visiting South Florida, she meets up with her students from Dade and Broward County.  And when she returns to Northern Virginia, she is sure to see her students there!  Simply put, Eva’s students become part of her life!

Eva feels passionate that all children can learn if given the tools they need to be successful!    This is exactly what Open Tent Academy is all about – giving ALL students amazing classes, taught by the most passionate and dedicated instructors, hand chosen by Eva, who are experts in their field – no matter where they live!

Welcome to Open Tent Academy!  Be prepared to be amazed!

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