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High School Research & More – A Week - Full Year - 2019 - 2020


This year, in high school writing, students will focus on the RESEARCH TERM PAPER. Students will learn how to dissect these “long, scary assignments” and break them down into manageable chunks. We will examine how to break down a (approximately) fifteen to twenty page “assigned” term paper using time management and organizational skills.

The student will learn how to:

• Research with multiple sources
• Utilize an online database via the public library
• Merge notes together to limit and choose the most appropriate information for their topic
• Write a solid thesis statement
• Write from their notes making sure all notes are appropriate for their topic
• Use IN TEXT citations
• Write an MLA bibliography, transitional paragraphs, introductory and concluding paragraphs

In addition to writing their “term paper”, during the first half of the year, the students will also learn how to write a solid personal essay; these types of essays will help them with gaining admission to competitive summer programs, internships, colleges, and help their chances towards earning scholarships.

During the second half of the year, if time allows, the students will learn how to approach the SAT Timed Writing Test through analyzing samples and practicing their own skills.

This class is fast-paced, with the emphasis on EDITING – TRULY EDITING, using their COMPOSITION CHECKLIST. The goal is for the student to understand that writing takes TIME and cannot be done successfully in just one or two brief sittings. The students ARE expected to work at home for a minimum of 45 minutes per weekday on their “homework” – which is given at the end of each class. All students are expected to email their homework for evaluation to eva@writingteacher.com.

This class meets every other week from August through May. This allows the student to have enough time over the course of 14 days to go through the entire writing process allowing them to write a fabulous paper.

If your high schooler has never taken a formal writing class, please contact the instructor to make sure this is a good fit as this class assumes the student has some experience with five-paragraph research papers and/or IEW's stylistic techniques.

We are sorry but registration for this event is now closed.

Please contact us if you would like to know if spaces are still available.