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American History (APUSH) – AP or Honors Option – Tuesday – Full Year – 2024 – 2025 – 30 Weeks – Grades 10 – 12

Tuesday, September 10 2024 @ 1:00PM Tuesday, June 10 2025 @ 2:30PM EDT


Jonathan Meola

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9th – 12th

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1:00PM – 2:30PM (ET)


Full Year 2024-2025

AP / Honors / NCAA Approved

NCAA Approved Course


Tuesday, September 10 2024 @ 1:00PM EDT
Tuesday, June 10 2025 @ 2:30PM EDT
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American History – APUSH or Honors
American History – APUSH or Honors
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This course will explore America’s past, reviewing and examining various political, geographical, economic, cultural, and technological issues by working with specific evidence and source documentation in order to gain a deep and meaningful understanding of American History.

The first portion of this course will span American History from the Native American presence prior to European exploration, up through the end of the post-Civil War Reconstruction Era in 1877. Topics to be covered will range from early European settlement, the American Revolution, the new nation’s post-war challenges, conflicts & governance, as well as exploration, industrialization, immigration, and political challenges faced during the antebellum period. We will also cover the events leading up to secession, the Civil War, political & military Reconstruction, and the Compromise of 1877.

The second portion of this course will cover America from the “closing in” of the Western frontier until the present day. Special focus will include exploring the impact of the Industrial Revolution on urbanization, the Age of Invention, the political, economic, and cultural environment of the Gilded Age, the rise of jingoism, progressivism and the various reformist movements, World War I, the Roaring Twenties, the Great Depression, FDR’s New Deal, American neutrality until Pearl Harbor and its entry into World War II, the rise to superpower status during the Cold War, the cultural turmoil of the Sixties, the malaise of the Seventies, the rise of Neo-Conservatism in the Eighties, the move towards globalization in the Nineties, September 11, the Global War on Terror, and the rise of political polarization. 

Our Advanced Placement United States History (APUSH) level course provides learners with an overview of major events and personalities which have shaped and guided the nation from its earliest origins to the present day. It is a college-level course taught within a high-school level framework. Working within this framework will present learners with advantages and challenges that they would not otherwise experience in a typical high-school Honors American History course. One advantage APUSH level courses offer learners is the opportunity to receive college credit for the course, provided that they earn a qualifying score on the APUSH exam. Also, enrollment in APUSH courses can present learners with an advantage in admissions when applying to college. Most importantly, the course itself gives learners exposure to the rigorous level of academic studies that they will no doubt encounter in a university setting.

AP courses prepare learners to take the corresponding AP exam each May, but learners are not required to take the exams.  Open Tent Academy will not administer AP exams. Instead, homeschool families must register and pay for AP exams through a nearby public school. Many colleges award credit or allow learners to be placed out of introductory classes if they receive satisfactory scores on AP exams. Consistent with the practices in many public and private schools, some homeschool parents elect to award additional quality points for Honors and AP classes when calculating their child’s homeschool GPA. For more information, see: https://ap.collegeboard.org/

Finally, if your student WANTS to take this for an HONORS credit (vs. AP credit) they may do so.  If taken for an honors credit (vs. AP credit), students will be excused from DBQ writing homework assignments.  DBQ essays are one/unit (ten over the course of the entire year).

This course will utilize a combination of instructional lecture, in-class discussions, assigned readings, and supplemental materials, such as primary sources and documentary video.

Learners should be, upon successful completion of this course, able to demonstrate mastery of the subjects and topics covered within and should be prepared to successfully complete the APUSH exam (although taking the exam is not a requirement for course completion).

Students should expect approximately five – six hours of homework a week.  Please remember this is an AP course. This is what is needed to prepare for the AP EXAM!

This includes independent reading of chapters, preparing for class discussions and any writing prompts provided.

High School Students can take 1 credit for High School History.

NOTE: This class must reach the minimum of five students by August 20th to run. If we do not meet this minimum, parents will be notified via email.

5.0 out of 5 stars (based on 27 reviews)

Learning to love the past

History. This was definitely not my strongest area as a homeschool mother. I knew to provide my kids with what they needed, I had to look at outside resources. Taking a leap of faith, I registered both my 7th and 8th grader for U.S. History with Jonathan Meola.

Learning history through simple short stories using. “A History of US,” has been fun to read-a-loud. With a subject I once disliked myself, I’ve been able to power through, and engage with my children learning to love the past. Mr. Meola is a phenomenally fair instructor, and has allowed our kids to use their creativity for the semester project. The kids have enjoyed this area most about the class. Seeing their creations from the past come to life is a gift in itself. Thank you, Jonathan! You have lit a fire for history within my children!


Thanks for making homeschooling so much easier for us parents

We have absolutely loved Jonathan’s Ancient Civilizations class this year.

He is so organized, and his classes are expertly taught – my son usually makes me leave the room but I will often go back and listen to the recordings and watch some of the videos because they are so interesting.

We are thrilled that OTA is now a vendor with our charter school, and since Z will be in middle school next year, we plan on signing up for a lot more classes.

Keep up the excellent job and thanks for making homeschooling so much easier for us parents!



What a fantastic course combining hands-on STEM & Social Studies.

I loved watching my children learn about key landmarks around the world with such eagerness and curiosity.

They dove into the history, architectural marvel, geography, and engineering in an engaging fun way.

Mr. Meola is a wonderful teacher and this class is highly recommended!

Michael Zrihen

Best Course EVER!

During our family new year’s celebration, everyone completed a year-in-review questionnaire. One question asked, “What are you most proud of that you accomplished this past year?”

Without hesitation, our daughter blurted out “I learned to write a five-paragraph essay!”

Our daughter, who up until this past semester would only write science lab reports, should be proud of this accomplishment. She willingly dedicated days to completing required essays, and we owe this success to Lights! Camera! Action! class.

Mr. Jonathan’s enthusiasm, instruction, encouragement and feedback all generated a newfound level of confidence within our daughter. Plus, the course spurred everyone in our family (including grandparents) to watch incredible movies, which normally would not be in our Netflix queue. Mr. Jonathan’s impact reached beyond our daughter.

LR, Florida

Amazing course!

I would like to say thank you. My daughter, Laura, was so inspired by OTA’s Lights! Camera! Action! class. She WANTS to improve at writing instead of shying away from the process that she finds so difficult. She is putting her heart and soul into trying. I am seeing improvement and I am seeing enthusiasm that just were not there before. You have no idea how joyful that makes me. This latest essay was really, really hard but a bit less overwhelming than the prior two. Slowly the elements that Laura is learning in class are sinking in. I appreciate all that you do for the class! Thank you!

JC, Vermont

Class TermDay(s) of WeekClass Name and DescriptionGrade RangeClass Start Date and Time (ET-US)Class End Date and Time (ET-US)Tuition (USD)Instructor Namehf:tax:tribe_events_cathf:tax:term_semesterhf:tax:class_dayshf:tax:class_timeshf:tax:grade_range
Spring 2024WednesdayUnited States History for Middle School Students: From Woodrow Wilson to Present Day – Spring 2024 – 10 Weeks – Grades 6 – 86th - 8th2024-03-27 11:00:002024-06-26 12:30:00250Jonathan MeolaRegister Now2023-2024-classes social-studies-history-geography spring-2024-classesspring-2024wednesday1100am-1230pm-et6th-8th
Spring 2024WednesdayAncient World: Rome – Spring 2024 – 10 Weeks – Wednesday – Grades 5 – 75th - 7th2024-03-27 15:00:002024-06-26 16:30:00250Jonathan MeolaRegister Now2023-2024-classes social-studies-history-geography spring-2024-classesspring-2024wednesday5th-7th
Spring 2024ThursdayPreparing for Pre-Algebra: Mastering Percents – Spring 2024 – 10 Weeks – Grades 5 – 75th - 7th2024-03-28 09:00:002024-06-20 10:30:00250Jonathan MeolaRegister Now2023-2024-classes mathematics spring-2024-classesspring-2024thursday0900am-1030am-et5th-7th
Full Year 2024-2025Tuesday and ThursdayAlgebra I – Tuesday AND Thursday – Full Year – 2024 – 2025 – 30 Weeks – Grades 7th – 10th7th - 10th2024-09-10 09:00:002025-06-12 10:30:00800Jonathan MeolaRegister Nowfull-year-2024-2025-classes-30-weeks mathematics 2024-2025-classesfull-year-2024-2025-30-weekstuesday-and-thursday0900am-1030am-et7th-10th
Full Year 2024-2025TuesdayPre-Algebra – Tuesday – Full Year – 2024 – 2025 – 30 Weeks – Grades 7th – 10th7th - 10th2024-09-10 11:00:002025-06-10 12:30:00600Jonathan MeolaRegister Nowfull-year-2024-2025-classes-30-weeks mathematics 2024-2025-classesfull-year-2024-2025-30-weekstuesday1100am-1230pm-et7th-10th
Full Year 2024-2025TuesdayAmerican History (APUSH) – AP or Honors Option – Tuesday – Full Year – 2024 – 2025 – 30 Weeks – Grades 10 – 129th - 12th2024-09-10 13:00:002025-06-10 14:30:00800Jonathan MeolaRegister Nowap-honors-courses full-year-2024-2025-classes-30-weeks ncaa-approved-courses social-studies-history-geography 2024-2025-classesfull-year-2024-2025-30-weekstuesday100pm-230pm-et9th-12th
Fall 2024TuesdayThe Election Process – Tuesday – Fall 2024 – 10 Weeks – Grades 7 – 127th - 12th2024-09-10 15:00:002024-12-10 16:30:00250Jonathan MeolaRegister Nowfall-2024-classes social-studies-history-geography 2024-2025-classesfall-2024tuesday300pm-430pm-et7th-12th
Full Year 2024-2025ThursdayWorld History – AP or Honors Option – Thursday – Full Year – 2024 – 2025 – 30 Weeks – Grades 10 – 129th - 12th2024-09-12 11:00:002025-06-12 12:30:00800Jonathan MeolaRegister Nowap-honors-courses full-year-2024-2025-classes-30-weeks ncaa-approved-courses social-studies-history-geography 2024-2025-classesfull-year-2024-2025-30-weeksthursday1100am-1230pm-et9th-12th
Full Year 2024-2025ThursdayUnited States History for Middle School Students – Thursday – Full Year – 2024 – 2025 – 30 Weeks – Grades 6 – 86th - 8th2024-09-12 13:00:002025-06-12 14:30:00600Jonathan MeolaRegister Nowfull-year-2024-2025-classes-30-weeks social-studies-history-geography 2024-2025-classesfull-year-2024-2025-30-weeksthursday100pm-230pm-et6th-8th
Fall 2024 and Winter 2025ThursdayTwentieth Century Wars & the Rise of the Superpowers – Thursday – Fall 2024 and Winter 2025 – 20 Weeks – Grades 8 – 128th - 12th2024-09-12 15:00:002025-03-13 16:30:00400Jonathan MeolaRegister Nowfall-2024-winter-2025-classes social-studies-history-geography 2024-2025-classesfall-2024-and-winter-2025thursday300pm-430pm-et8th-12th
Winter 2025 and Spring 2025TuesdayAmerican Government – Tuesday – Winter 2025 & Spring 2025 – Grades 8 – 128th - 12th2025-01-07 15:00:002025-06-10 16:30:00400Jonathan MeolaRegister Nowsocial-studies-history-geography winter-2025-spring-2025-classes 2024-2025-classesspring-2025 winter-2025tuesday300pm-430pm-et8th-12th

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