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Sprucing up your Study Skills – Grades 6 – 9 – Fall 2021 – 10 Weeks

Monday, October 4 2021 @ 3:00PM Saturday, January 1 2022 @ 4:30PM EDT


Eva Goldstein-Meola

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6 – 9

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3:00PM – 4:30PM (ET)


Fall 2021


Monday, October 4 2021 @ 3:00PM EDT
Saturday, January 1 2022 @ 4:30PM EDT
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Good study habits and techniques are critical to help students learn more efficiently, feel more academically confident, persevere through challenges, and ultimately do their best. Sometimes, it’s easy to assume that learners already have these skills intact. The truth is that they sometimes don’t; many learners might not actually know how to study for tests or how to keep their binders organized. While these skills can be a challenge for many students, they are skills that can be improved over time.

This class will focus on the study skills that today’s students need in order to succeed in an academic setting (of any kind). The students will learn organization, time management, note-taking, test-taking strategies, work prioritization, and how to study. It does not matter how hard you study if you are not studying in an effective manner. This course teaches kids how to study smarter, not harder.

By the end of the course:

  1. Students will be able to effectively set-up and organize folders, notebooks, and binders.
  2. Students will be able to set-up and utilize a calendar and planner.
  3. Students will be able to take complete and informative notes.
  4. Students will be able to make their own study-guide.
  5. Students will be able to effectively manage their time.
  6. Students will be able to prepare for and successfully take tests using the strategies that they have learned

Participation is an absolute to make the most of this class.   Participation happens in two ways: (1) through students speaking out loud OR (2) through typing in the chat log.  Students may opt to what method of participation they prefer.

Homework is approximately 1.5 hours a week. Each week the student will be given an assignment related to the topic being studied.  Some of the assignments may require students to create videos, take pictures and practice the skills they will be utilizing for their academic life!

Give your child the skills they need for high school and college!


Registration deadline is September 15, 2021.

There must be a minimum of 5 students to run this class.

Pure Gold!

August 6, 2021

This Study Skills Class is pure gold! My daughter has found bits and pieces from this class to help her work on being organizes, manage her time, and figure out her priorities in her lessons. This is the one class where she understands how studying is a work in process. Every middle school aged student should take this

Avatar for Dorothy, Maine
Dorothy, Maine

Great class!!

August 6, 2021

I highly recommend for middle school, high school, and college students too! Great topics to help anyone get organized and various ways to study!!!”

Avatar for Cindy, New Mexico
Cindy, New Mexico

Organization Leads to Dreams

August 3, 2021

My 12 year old son took this class this summer in preparation for more complicated classes in middle school and high school. I had assumed time management, use of highlighters, reading texts for comprehension, how to study for a midterm. Sure, all that was introduced, but more significantly, techniques for planning meant my son started to think and dream about his own future! What he would like to do over the next 2 years – 5 years -longer. Thanks Eva!

Avatar for Krista


August 1, 2021

Incredible class. This class helped me understand and perfect key studying and test taking concepts. I had a really good time and this has definitely made me a better student.

Avatar for Elliot

An excellent course!

July 31, 2021

Study Skills with Eva Goldstein-Meola was an incredibly beneficial class! We learned about different study methods, how to be motivated, having an organized study space and so much more! A highly recommended course for anyone wanting to be an effective student.

Thanks, Mrs. Eva!

Avatar for Frederic Abrahams
Frederic Abrahams

Great Class with proven strategies

February 23, 2021

G & M both enjoyed the study skills class but, more importantly, they both learned different strategies to help them as their work loads increase. They are both using their planners already. G is incorporating some of the note and test taking techniques to study for the SAT. I think the class was a great investment and sets them up well for future success in both school and life.

We’ve mentioned it to several of our friends. Thanks for offering the class!

Avatar for Christine Voce
Christine Voce

Extremely beneficial class to take!

February 23, 2021

My son took this class and found it extremely beneficial. Eva’s advice on how to study, how to prepare and organize for class, and take notes was invaluable. My son, after being homeschooled since preschool, entered public school as an eighth grader. He has applied what he learned in the class and is doing an outstanding job in school.. He believes that Eva’s class prepared him for the transition. I highly recommend this class. I plan to have my other children take the class.

Avatar for Maggie

Fantastic resource

February 23, 2021

Excellent resources and Eva is an engaging, passionate teacher.

Avatar for Mary Beth de Ribeaux
Mary Beth de Ribeaux

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