Class Policy FAQs

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Class Dates & Policies

ALL Open Tent Academy online class schedules are based on Eastern Time (USA).

ALL times posted on our website are Eastern Time Zone (USA).

However, we do realize that we have students attending classes from other locations both across the country and around the globe. To this extent, we offer the following:
1) We have expanded our schedule so that we now offer more morning and midday sessions for our West Coast based students. 2) We also provide recordings of all sessions so that students in other global locations (who would otherwise be unable to attend the live sessions) can participate asynchronously.
Please check our Calendar page for each term's starting dates. You can also find out the starting dates and times for individual courses on their individual registration page, or on each course's syllabus.
Although classes are virtual, ALL students are expected to conduct themselves in proper classroom behavior. Open Tent Academy has a zero tolerance policy towards cyber bullying. Students will not receive a second chance. Please make sure that your student clearly understands that they are expected to be respectful of all students as well as the teacher. Students who are disruptive during class will receive an oral warning from the instructor at the time of the incident. If the disruption continues, parents will receive an email following class. If it happens a third time, there will be a phone call from OTA Director Eva Goldstein-Meola. If it happens a fourth time, the student will be removed from the class, and will only be able to continue taking the class asynchronously, via posted session recordings.
Open Tent Academy is an all-inclusive environment open to all faiths, races, genders etc. We are a secular program with no religious affiliation. All faiths are welcomed and encouraged to attend. Absolute respect and tolerance for others is expected.
Students are expected to conduct themselves with appropriate classroom behavior even in a virtual environment.  Teachers will contact parents if the students fail to behave properly. Examples that would require a teacher to contact parents would include the following:
  • Inappropriate language
  • “Chatting” in the chat log when they are not supposed to
  • Fooling around/disrupting class
The teacher will contact the class immediately via email AND Canvas (the LMS/Learning Management System). Every semester has one make-up day incorporated into the schedule specifically for this purpose.
It is expected that each student comes to class prepared, ready to participate and that they act in a respectful manner of the teacher and classmates. If a student disrupts a class, or attends class not prepared, the teacher will contact the parents. If this behavior continues to persist, OTA will set up an appointment between teacher, student, and parent - to be facilitated by either Eva Goldstein-Meola or Jonathan Meola.
They should join the class quietly and blend into the discussion. All students are responsible for going back to the recording to find out what they missed prior to joining the session. It is NOT up to the teacher to stop the class to go back and review previously discussed topics.
Yes. Parents are more than welcome to sit alongside your student during any one of OTA’s classes; however, it is expected that they are silent observers. Parents may ask questions following classes; we recommend that they please email the instructor, or request a phone or video conference.

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