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What is a Flex Class?

Is your child not able to make a regularly scheduled OTA class?

Does your child attend school and would you prefer for him/her to work through an OTA course at their own pace after school hours?

If your child is homeschooled, would you prefer for him/her to work through an OTA course independently and at their own pace?

Open Tent Academy is now offering a limited amount of FLEX CLASSES!

The goal of a FLEX CLASS is for your child to be able to complete a class at their own pace and based on their own schedule. OTA strongly encourages you to work at the rate of completing at least one class module a week; however, we do understand that vacations, camps, school, family trips, family responsibilities, jobs etc. can complicate our life. With this said, FLEX CLASSES offers the flexibility that your child needs. All Flex Classes DO have a DEADLINE where all work/projects/tests must be completed by. Please make sure you take a look at the final submission date of work for each class.    Typically, it is at the end of the semester, year or summer.  If you are registering for a short workshop, the deadline is typically within a given amount of time.  With all this said, you can always speak to the instructor about extensions etc.

All FLEX CLASSES use OTA’s Learning Management System (LMS) called CANVAS.

Upon registration for a FLEX CLASS….

  1.  If you are taking a “rolling admission” flex class, OTA will provide you with specific directions on how to access CANVAS within four days.   Everything your child needs is within CANVAS.  The specific directions will instruct you on how to access and use CANVAS with ease.
  2. If you are taking a semester long/year long flex class with a specific beginning date/month, about one month prior to the class beginning, you will receive specific direction on how to access and use CANVAS.  Everything your child needs is within CANVAS.

If you have any problems or concerns regarding FLEX CLASSES, please email admin@opententacademy.com