Assignment Planner – Step by step directions for each assignment.  Assignment is broken down into several steps.  It is expected that the students complete one step per day.

Banned Word – Words we cannot use in our writing because they are boring and overused.

Composition Checklist – A checklist, with the expected requirements,  that helps the students independently edit their own work.

Editing / Revising – The process of making your paper better.  For older students (more mature writers) this should be completely on their own.  For NEW (younger – less experienced writers) this at first should be done with a parent – step by step – guiding them towards more independence as the year goes on.

Key Word Outline – A way of brainstorming, so child doesn’t begin with a blank page.

Source Text – The “text” that the student reads to assist them in brainstorming.  This will help them with their  keyword outline.

Stylistic techniques – All the beautiful language, such as description including sentence openers, that we put into our writing.

Verbal Rehearsal – The step where students take their keyword outline and practice composing sentences verbally prior to writing.

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