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Founder, Shmoop 

Twitter Handle: @shmoop

Website: www.shmoop.com

How do you find yourself in the position/ job that you are in today? What led you here?

Failing in every other creative endeavor I tackled. There was nothing else left.

What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning?

Fear of bankruptcy.

How do you feel you are helping to improve the image of homeschooling and/or education?

By offering engaging product that is socially relevant – the goal is to make learning fun.

What software/apps/tools can you not live without?

Shmoop. Duh.

What is your greatest strength?

Finding something funny to point out in nearly every situation. Congressional inquiries are usually the lowest hanging fruit.

How do you see education changing?

More accessible; less regulated; the best stuff isn’t just for the wealthy in the best schools any more.

What is one piece of advice you would give someone who homeschools?

You have the opportunity to give your kid the best stuff out there – don’t settle for what’s easy to find / what everyone just accepts.

What is the biggest struggle you have when it comes to educating your children / helping other people educate their children?

We built Shmoop specifically FOR our kids. Too many materials tell you stuff – in mind numbingly boring ways. Our daughter muses over this concept as she heads off to Princeton this year.

What’s your smartest shortcut or productivity hack in any part of your life?

Leveraging our own children’s labor – awesome yard work productivity.

What is the one book you would recommend someone to read?

Call of the Wild (‘cuz we’re dog people).

What’s the best advice you have ever received?

Zig when others zag – when newspaper headlines tell you to zig, you probably want to zag.

How do you prepare for your day?

I pray to the God of Google Calendar.

Tag the one person in the education and/or homeschooling world that you would love to meet and interview.

Dr. Seuss. But have not pursued for fear he’d tell me to turn my head and cough.

EvaEva Goldstein-Meola is not only co-founder of Open Tent Academy, but an instructor as well as a former homeschooling mother. She has lived in New Jersey, Florida, Western Massachusetts, Northern Virginia and now resides just outside of Jerusalem. Eva holds a Master’s Degree as a Consulting Teacher of Reading and Writing, IEW certification and a Bachelor’s Degree as an Elementary Teacher. She has also been involved in education since 1986 as a Private Tutor, Teacher, Reading Specialist, Homeschooling Mother, Homeschooling Teacher and Business Owner of an Online Education Consortium.

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