Jonathan’s Story

Meet Jonathan Meola, A.B.

  • Co-Founder, Director, and Instructor at Open Tent Academy
  • Dual Bachelor’s Degrees from the University of Miami
  • Certified TESOL (Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages)
  • Private Tutor in Writing, Social Studies, and other subjects
  • Former Technology Architect and Senior Consultant
  • Multiple Software, IT, and Related Industry Certifications

Jonathan Meola is a co-founder of Open Tent Academy, as well as being its director and one of its instructors. Jonathan grew up in Hopatcong, NJ & North Miami Beach, FL. He graduated from the University of Miami with a dual A.B. in English and Judaic Studies, along with a minor in Politics and Public Affairs.

Jonathan’s interest in education dates back to his involvement (as both a peer group leader and professional staff) with Young Judaea in the SE USA, FL, & PR. He also worked as a full-time staff member for several summers at their flagship camp in Hendersonville, North Carolina – Camp Judaea.

Jonathan also taught software applications classes for urban at-risk youth while working post-graduation at “The U”. From there, he then went into what eventually became a long career in the telecommunications and software industry as a technology architect and business process consultant.

Jonathan’s first experience with homeschooling involved his own children, and was inspired by reading John Taylor Gatto’s Dumbing Us Down. The experience of home-based education stayed with them, even after they eventually returned to full-time classroom education.

In 2017, Jonathan felt it was time to change careers. He decided to fulfill his life-long dream of teaching middle and high school students. Although Jonathan was involved in the fields of non-traditional and continuing education since the beginning of his career, he has now taken his in-depth knowledge about history, philosophy, science, film, and writing and is bringing it to his students at Open Tent Academy, focusing on children in grades 5 – 12.

After spending five years living in Israel, Jonathan and Eva are once again back in South Florida. Between Jonathan & Eva, they have three children, all of whom were homeschooled at various points in their educational journeys. In his spare time, he loves traveling, reading (especially histories and biographies), photography, college football (Go Canes!), and film.

Jonathan’s Upcoming Courses and Workshops:

Class TermDay(s) of WeekClass Name and DescriptionGrade RangeInstructor NameClass Start Date and Time (ET-US)Class End Date and Time (ET-US)Tuition (USD)hf:tax:tribe_events_cathf:tax:term_semesterhf:tax:class_dayshf:tax:class_timeshf:tax:grade_range
Full Year 2024-2025Tuesday and ThursdayAlgebra I – Tuesday AND Thursday – Full Year – 2024 – 2025 – 30 Weeks – Grades 7th – 10th7th - 10thJonathan Meola2024-09-10 09:00:002025-06-12 10:30:00800Register Nowfull-year-2024-2025-classes-30-weeks mathematics ncaa-approved-courses 2024-2025-classesfull-year-2024-2025-30-weekstuesday-and-thursday0900am-1030am-et7th-10th
Full Year 2024-2025TuesdayPre-Algebra – Tuesday – Full Year – 2024 – 2025 – 30 Weeks – Grades 7th – 10th7th - 10thJonathan Meola2024-09-10 11:00:002025-06-10 12:30:00600Register Nowfull-year-2024-2025-classes-30-weeks mathematics 2024-2025-classesfull-year-2024-2025-30-weekstuesday1100am-1230pm-et7th-10th
Full Year 2024-2025TuesdayAmerican History (APUSH) – AP or Honors Option – Tuesday – Full Year – 2024 – 2025 – 30 Weeks – Grades 10 – 129th - 12thJonathan Meola2024-09-10 13:00:002025-06-10 14:30:00800Register Nowap-honors-courses full-year-2024-2025-classes-30-weeks ncaa-approved-courses social-studies-history-geography 2024-2025-classesfull-year-2024-2025-30-weekstuesday100pm-230pm-et9th-12th
Fall 2024TuesdayThe Election Process – Tuesday – Fall 2024 – 10 Weeks – Grades 7 – 127th - 12thJonathan Meola2024-09-10 15:00:002024-12-10 16:30:00250Register Nowfall-2024-classes social-studies-history-geography 2024-2025-classesfall-2024tuesday300pm-430pm-et7th-12th
Full Year 2024-2025ThursdayWorld History – AP or Honors Option – Thursday – Full Year – 2024 – 2025 – 30 Weeks – Grades 10 – 129th - 12thJonathan Meola2024-09-12 11:00:002025-06-12 12:30:00800Register Nowap-honors-courses full-year-2024-2025-classes-30-weeks ncaa-approved-courses social-studies-history-geography 2024-2025-classesfull-year-2024-2025-30-weeksthursday1100am-1230pm-et9th-12th
Full Year 2024-2025ThursdayUnited States History for Middle School Students – Thursday – Full Year – 2024 – 2025 – 30 Weeks – Grades 6 – 86th - 8thJonathan Meola2024-09-12 13:00:002025-06-12 14:30:00600Register Nowfull-year-2024-2025-classes-30-weeks social-studies-history-geography 2024-2025-classesfull-year-2024-2025-30-weeksthursday100pm-230pm-et6th-8th
Fall 2024 and Winter 2025ThursdayTwentieth Century Wars & the Rise of the Superpowers – Thursday – Fall 2024 and Winter 2025 – 20 Weeks – Grades 8 – 128th - 12thJonathan Meola2024-09-12 15:00:002025-03-13 16:30:00400Register Nowfall-2024-winter-2025-classes social-studies-history-geography 2024-2025-classesfall-2024-and-winter-2025thursday300pm-430pm-et8th-12th
Winter 2025 and Spring 2025TuesdayAmerican Government – Tuesday – Winter 2025 & Spring 2025 – Grades 8 – 128th - 12thJonathan Meola2025-01-07 15:00:002025-06-10 16:30:00400Register Now2024-2025-classes ncaa-approved-courses social-studies-history-geography winter-2025-spring-2025-classesspring-2025 winter-2025tuesday300pm-430pm-et8th-12th

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