Lili, North Carolina


  • Lili is 15 years old.
  • Lili loves to dance and spends most afternoons at the dance studio. She is studying ballet, jazz and hip hop.
  • In addition, Lili plays the Piano. She is starting classical pieces. This past March, she received the highest score in her category in a competition at Meredith College.
  • In the future, Lily would love to become a fiction writer.

What Sarina Furer has to say about Lili:

  • “This semester I have witnessed LiLi’s writing skills take off and soar.”
  • “Her ability to develop character, setting and plot has reached new levels over the past months.”
  • “Her use of sensory detail and emotion has become poetic!”
  • “I’m very excited to see what new writing heights await her!”

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