Note About Class Dates

When looking at every class, please note that they have a varied frequency of meeting dates.

1. IEW Writing Classes meet 14 times during a calendar year (as Eva has done for the last 15 years). This is because students will be writing a full paper from brainstorming to final draft during the course of the two weeks between classes. It is expected that students, based on age, work approximately 20 – 45 minutes daily on their assignments.

2. Foreign Language Classes (ASL, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, French and Arabic) meets twice a week for 75-90 minutes at a time – totaling 40 class meeting for the year.

3. High School Math Classes meet twice a week to ensure enough time to cover material – totaling 40 class meetings for the year.

4.  The remainder of the classes either meet weekly for a semester (10 classes) or a year (20 classes).  Each teacher has approximated homework. Homework is a critical part of each class. It extends the students learning as well as prepares them for the next class. Middle School Classes have more homework than Elementary School Classes and High School Classes have more homework than Middle School Classes.

Each class page has the days of the week that the class meets.  Each syllabus has the weeks that the class meets.

If you have any specific questions about any class, please feel free to contact the instructor (email on the Instructor’s Page) or Eva Goldstein-Meola at

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