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Christopher Centi

Christopher Centi

Also known as “C the Rocket Man”, Christopher Centi is on a continuing mission to motivate and excite kids and adults about the cool wonders of science. He uses Astronomy, Space Exploration and hands-on sensory interactions.

For over 37 years, Chris has presented entertaining, educational and empowering space science programs to diverse audiences ranging from ages 5 to 95. He has also presented workshops and in-services for teachers, other professionals and parents.

As a speaker, author and science advocate, Chris weaves his hands-on approach and interaction with audiences into a presentation encouraging an appreciation of the importance of science, its usefulness in everyday life and Outer Space as one of our new frontiers.

Since 1985 Chris has been an Astronomy & Space Science Educator and CEO of Centi Astro-Space Activities (CASA). He was instrumental in developing and building the planetarium for the Lucile M. Wright Air Museum in Jamestown, NY. and served as the Planetarium Director from November 2012 to December 2016.

Chris has many research interests including studying exoplanets and the search for life elsewhere. He is an author of various articles and actively gives hands-on presentations to various groups. Using the hands-on approach, Chris has taught various kids college courses in Astronomy and Space Science and has appeared on TV advocating hands-on science.

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