Jennifer Collins

Mrs. Jennifer Collins has been teaching science for over 23 years, spanning the range from 2nd grade all the way up to college level courses. She enjoys finding engaging hands-on labs for students to try. Mrs. Collins has a Masters in Education, and Bachelors in Science. An experienced educator, Jennifer is also certified at the state level and holds national NVTA certification. She lives in Georgia with her husband, and two children. Her hobbies are kayaking, waterfall hunting, biking, hiking, and making nature collections.

5.0 out of 5 stars (based on 2 reviews)

Your students will enjoy this class!

Mrs. Collins is extremely organized and communicates well. The class is set up so that the student can work independently and any needed supplies are communicated in advance. Zoom classes are interactive and hold my child’s interest, and she looks forward to them every week. As an aside, we had to miss some because of medical issues that came up and Mrs. Collins was very accommodating, and my child was able to keep up and not get behind which was greatly appreciated. OTA is also very responsive and makes the signup process seamless. Our first experience with OTA is a great one!


Dynamic Anatomy!

Mrs. Collins is a fantastic teacher who is able to reach each of her students and keep the class interactive. My daughter has enjoyed all the labs that she can complete on her own as a HS junior. The dissections are her favorite part, but I think more than anything it’s the variety in assignments that keeps her engaged and looking forward to each class. Mrs. Collins is easy for the students to talk to and is very responsive to emails. If you have a student looking for a science class and teacher that breaks the mold and teaches in an intuitive way, you should sign up! No regrets!

Liz Stogran

Class TermDay(s) of WeekClass Name and DescriptionGrade RangeClass Start Date and Time (ET-US)Class End Date and Time (ET-US)Tuition (USD)Instructor Namehf:tax:tribe_events_cathf:tax:term_semesterhf:tax:class_dayshf:tax:class_timeshf:tax:grade_range
Fall 2024 and Winter 2025TuesdayAnatomy & Physiology – Tuesday – Fall 2024 and Winter 2025 – 20 Weeks -Grades 7 – 127th - 12th2024-09-10 09:00:002025-03-11 10:30:00400Jennifer CollinsRegister Now2024-2025-classes fall-2024-winter-2025-classes ncaa-approved-courses science-engineeringfall-2024-and-winter-2025tuesday0900am-1030am-et7th-12th
Fall 2024 and Winter 2025TuesdayEarth Science and Earth Systems – Tuesday – Fall 2024 and Winter 2025 – 20 Weeks -Grades 6 – 126th - 12th2024-09-10 11:00:002025-03-11 12:30:00400Jennifer CollinsRegister Nowfall-2024-winter-2025-classes ncaa-approved-courses science-engineering 2024-2025-classesfall-2024-and-winter-2025tuesday1100am-1230pm-et6th-12tth
Winter 2025WednesdayOur Earth – Wednesday – Fall 2024 – 10 Weeks – Grades 6 – 126th - 12th2024-09-11 09:00:002024-12-11 10:30:00250Jennifer CollinsRegister Now2024-2025-classes ncaa-approved-courses science-engineering winter-2025-classeswinter-2025wednesday0900am-1030am-et6th-12th
Fall 2024 and Winter 2025WednesdayEnvironmental Science – Wednesday – Fall 2024 and Winter 2025 – 20 Weeks -Grades 7 – 127th - 12th2024-09-11 11:00:002025-03-12 12:30:00400Jennifer CollinsRegister Nowfall-2024-winter-2025-classes science-engineering 2024-2025-classesfall-2024-and-winter-2025wednesday1100am-1230pm-et7th-12th
Winter 2025WednesdayGenetics – Wednesday – Winter 2025 – 10 Weeks – Grades 9 – 129th - 12th2025-01-08 09:00:002025-03-12 10:30:00250Jennifer CollinsRegister Now2024-2025-classes ncaa-approved-courses science-engineering winter-2025-classeswinter-2025wednesday0900am-1030am-et9th-12th

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