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Melinda Navins

Melinda is a proud child of Deaf adults (CODA). Both of her parents were born Deaf. She also has two uncles and an aunt that are Deaf. Melinda has been immersed in the Deaf culture since she was a child. American Sign Language (ASL) is her first language. Melinda graduated from Suffolk Community College with an Associate’s degree in ASL Interpreting.

In March, 2021, Melinda will receive an Interpreter Preparation Certification from the Compass Interpreting Program provided by Sorenson Video Relay Services, which is one of the most recognized and highly reputable communication services for the Deaf community. Melinda plans to continue education development to attain National certification.

Over the past 20 years, Melinda has had the opportunity and pleasure to work in various settings such as educational, medical, social services appointments and other community needs. Two of her most exciting and interesting interpreting experiences was working the annual Hair and Beauty show held at the Jacob Javits convention center in New York, and a Jake Miller concert. She’s worked with fun unique individuals of all ages and walks of life. Most recently, Melinda volunteered to teach several workshops “introduction to ASL”. The success of those workshops inspired and motivated her to pursue a career as an American Sign Language instructor.

Currently, Melinda lives in New York with her husband and three children. She is an independent contractor interpreting for a high school senior. Periodically, Melinda also coaches cross-fit kickboxing. In her spare time she enjoys going for walks, spending time with her family, camping, cooking, taking ASL workshops, and teaching ASL to her friends and family.

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