Rachel Bevins

Rachel Bevins has a Master of Teaching degree with a specialization in Foreign Language. She has lived and studied in Spain as well as traveled to other foreign countries and enjoys sharing her experiences with her students. She began her teaching career with Spanish I in public middle school as well as by creating and developing her Foreign Language Exploratory (FLEX) program in which students learn about five different languages and cultures. She has taught multiple classes at local homeschool co-ops and recently fell in love with the exciting world of virtual learning! While emphasizing reading and writing in her classes Ms. Rachel recognizes the variety of learning styles and is always sure to also include listening, speaking, active and hands-on activities such as games and crafts.

Along with teaching, Ms. Rachel is also currently working as an advocate for students on the sensory spectrum (Autism, ADHD, SPD, etc.) as well as the Artistic Director and a performer of Treasures in the Sand Mid-Eastern Dance Troupe. She lives in Virginia with her husband, two kids (a teen who has always been homeschooled and an elementary kiddo in public school), and two cats. As she believes in building community and having fun with learning, she looks forward to embarking on the next adventure with her students and their families!

5.0 out of 5 stars (based on 3 reviews)


great teacher loved her skils and pep


Such a caring and patient teacher

Rachel Bevins is such a lovely teacher, making sure her students feel supported and encouraged during the language-learning process. I’m amazed by her patience every time I listen to part of her lesson, as she is one of those gifted teachers who can keep teens on track while also allowing them to feel validated with the things they want to express.

My daughter (and I) appreciated her grading policies. This was our first high school year, so having study groups outside of normal class hours was new to us, so just plan for your child to be online for those 1-2x per week as well. For my daughter, this was a great time to connect with her classmates and also to make sure she felt on track with what she was learning. It also built in some structure for her to stay on top of homework assignments.

We look forward to Spanish II next year, and would highly recommend this class.


Excellent Spanish Class!

Mrs. Bevins is a wonderful teacher who keeps students interested through interactive live classes and innovative assignments. Both of my daughters took Spanish 2 and had a great year! The work load is very reasonable but rigorous enough, and engages the student in different ways to solidify learning. Students have plenty of practice with listening, speaking, and writing the language. Grading happens in a timely manner and feedback is plentiful. I highly recommend this engaging class!

Michelle Morrison

Class TermDay(s) of WeekClass Name and DescriptionGrade RangeInstructor NameClass Start Date and Time (ET-US)Class End Date and Time (ET-US)Tuition (USD)hf:tax:tribe_events_cathf:tax:term_semesterhf:tax:class_dayshf:tax:class_timeshf:tax:grade_range
Full Year 2024-2025WednesdaySpanish 1 Honors – Wednesday – Full Year – 2024 – 2025 – 30 Weeks – Grades 8 – 118th - 11thRachel Bevins2024-09-11 09:00:002025-06-11 10:30:00600Register Nowap-honors-courses foreign-languages full-year-2024-2025-classes-30-weeks ncaa-approved-courses 2024-2025-classesfull-year-2024-2025-30-weekswednesday0900am-1030am-et8th-11th
Full Year 2024-2025WednesdaySpanish 2 Honors – Wednesday – Full Year – 2024 – 2025 – 30 Weeks – Grades 9 – 129th - 12thRachel Bevins2024-09-11 11:00:002025-06-11 12:30:00600Register Nowap-honors-courses foreign-languages full-year-2024-2025-classes-30-weeks ncaa-approved-courses 2024-2025-classesfull-year-2024-2025-30-weekswednesday1100am-1230pm-et
Fall 2024WednesdayViewpoints: Foreign Language Exploration A: Latin, Hindi, French – Wednesday – Fall 2024 – Grades 5 – 75th - 7thRachel Bevins2024-09-11 13:00:002024-12-11 14:30:00250Register Now2024-2025-classes electives foreign-languagesfall-2024wednesday100pm-230pm-et5th-7th
Fall 2024 and Winter 2025FridayIntroduction to Spanish: The Middle School Edition – Friday – Fall 2024 and Winter 2025 – 20 Weeks – Grades 6 – 86th - 8thRachel Bevins2024-09-13 11:00:002025-03-14 12:30:00400Register Nowfall-2023-winter-2024-classes foreign-languages 2023-2024-classesfall-2024-and-winter-2025friday1100am-1230pm-et6th-8th
Winter 2025WednesdayViewpoints: Foreign Language Exploration B: German, Spanish, and Japanese – Wednesday – Winter 2025 – 10 weeks – Grades 5 – 74th - 7thRachel Bevins2025-01-08 13:00:002025-03-12 14:30:00250Register Now2024-2025-classes electives foreign-languages winter-2025-classeswinter-2025wednesday100pm-230pm-et5th-7th

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