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Yolanda Goss

Yolanda Goss

Ms. Yolanda Goss has been a passionate learner of languages since seventh grade and teacher since college.   She has a BA in French and a BA in German. She also has had courses in Teaching Foreign Language, Spanish and certification in CTFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) and TEA (Teaching English in Austria.) 

Most recently, Ms. Goss has been teaching languages online for two years, most recently by telling fairy tales.  She loves researching, reading, telling, and making up stories. Additionally, she also enjoys watching her learners become fluent in the languages, so that they are able to converse about culture and subjects of interest in the target language.  When she lived in Austria, she even taught English in a hunting lodge once owned by Emperor Franz Joseph. 

The goal of her teaching has always been to encourage language learning with joy and to help learners reach their language goals: pass an international test, successfully skip a class that was impossible to attend or was necessary to pass in order to attend University in another country, write a book, etc.

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