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Open Tent Academy is an all-inclusive program where students can participate in a wide variety of classes.

Any student can take any class, live, online.

Nineteen years ago, Eva Lynn Goldstein-Meola, M.Ed., while homeschooling her daughter Shayna, dreamed of a homeschooling program where ALL students, regardless of religion, background, gender and race, could participate in.  This was the birth of OPEN TENT ACADEMY.  
Ms. Goldstein-Meola has recruited top professionals and teachers, who are experts in their fields, to bring learning to your children in the comfort of their home.   Thanks to technology, the world has become a small place. Parents have the right to be picky in order to find the best teacher for each of their children, based on their children’s learning styles, interests and needs. At OTA, it is our goal to make this one step easier for you by combining these teachers in one environment.
Whether you are located in Virginia, California, Canada, Italy, Jordan, Hawaii or New Zealand…. it shouldn’t matter.   We take our job seriously – to make YOUR homeschooling journey easier! OTA is here to assist you.
All classes are VIRTUAL and presented LIVE by our instructors; however, they are also recorded so ANY STUDENT can take ANY CLASS either by participating in the LIVE, REAL TIME  session, or by watching the recording at their leisure.   In addition, we have state of the art VIRTUAL CLASSROOMS and a fabulous LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM that makes it so easy to have all of your children’s work, tests, quizzes, projects, assignments, evaluations, etc. – all in one place, and accessible at the touch of a button!
Come find out what Open Tent Academy is all about.  You will be glad you did!
Graduation - Eva, Shayna & Jon

Content classes.  Extracurricular class.  Enrichment classes.


Our mission is to make it easy for any student to take any class from real, experienced teachers, live, online.


Find out more about how virtual classes work and the technical requirements here.


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