Policies for Open Tent Academy

Age/Grade: Eva understands that the biggest benefit of homeschooling is to pick and choose classes and courses to customize the student’s instruction to meet their individual needs.  In homeschooling, conventional “school grades” aren’t (typically) followed, as students work at their own level in various subjects.  However, with this in mind, Open Tent Academy’s classes have a 2 -3 age range to account for this.   Classes are based on AGE as if the child was in school with a “range” to account for levels.  Please respect the age range.  They are used to the content being taught; as well as the developmental expectations of the class.   When placing a student in any class, his/her emotional and social maturity as well as ability to conduct him/herself in the classroom for 55 minutes of instruction must be considered.  If you have any questions about which level is most appropriate for your child, please feel free to contact Eva or the particular instructor for the class.

Minimum/Maximum Class Size:  Minimum class sizes are five students.  Maximum class size is fifteen students.  There are no exceptions.  When maximum enrollment is met, a waiting list will be kept for other interested students.  If you would like to be put on the waiting list please email go to the Class Registration page and click on the “Wait List” button to enter student information.  To confirm or check on wait list status, please feel free to contact Eva.

Tuition: The tuition fees cover instructor rates (which include preparatory lesson planning, post-lesson communications with instructor, all evaluations of papers, conferences etc.), website fees, email distribution list and additional overhead program expenses.   If you have extraordinary circumstances, please feel free to contact Eva.

Payment:  All payments are done via PAYPAL.   Eva’s PAYPAL address for payments is eva@writingteacher.com.

Discounts: Early bird  registration discounts are offered.   Then, tuition is based on the date you register (see below).  Payment is due in full upon registration.   We do offer “FAMILY PACKS” to further discount your tuition.

If you need payments broken down further, or financial assistance due to job loss (or other personal circumstances) there is a limited number of seats available.   Please feel free to contact Eva directly for further details.

Withdrawal from a Class: If a student must withdraw from a course before January 15, 2017. AND the class is full with a wait list for the class, AND your child’s seat can be filled by a student on the waiting list,  any tuition paid will be refunded, less an administration (processing) fee of $100.00  If the seat cannot be filled, or the withdrawal is made on (or after) January 15, 2017, the parent is responsible for the entire tuition amount due, and no refund will be issued.

Changing Classes:  If a child needs to switch to a different class prior to January 15, 2017, and there is room available in the other class,  there is a $50 change/processing fee, due immediately.   It takes time (and money) for us to field calls, switch the database, have the webmaster do the behind the scenes work, contact people on the waiting list, etc.   Before signing up for any of  Open Tent’s classes, please review all the student’s other scheduled activities for conflicts.   If you need to withdraw your child from class, the withdrawal policy (as stated above) will apply.

Illness/Cancelled Class:   If a class is cancelled due to teacher illness, parents will be notified via email!   It is wise for parents to check their email prior to class.  Every class has one make up day.

Assignments:  All teachers will provide homework assignment in detail with specific deadlines.  If you child needs an extension, it is up to the student to contact their teacher via email.

Evaluations of Work:  All students are expected to EMAIL their assignment to their individual instructor.   Instructors will provide feedback of homework in a timely fashion.

Conduct: Students are expected to conduct themselves with appropriate classroom behavior even in a virtual environment.  Teachers will contact parents if the students fail to behave properly.  Examples of reasons teachers might contact a parent:  inappropriate language,  “chatting” in the chat log when they are not supposed to or  fooling around in class.

Contacting Eva: Eva strives to respond to all her messages in a timely manner.  However, Eva will not respond to calls or email during Shabbat, the Jewish Sabbath.  Shabbat starts 18-20 min before sundown every Friday, and continues through approximately 1 hour past sunset on Saturday evening. Please understand that Eva will not answer her phone, check email, or perform any class-related work over Shabbat and Jewish holidays[Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Shemini Atzeret/Simchat Torah, Pesach (Passover), and Shavuot.]

Contacting Individual Teachers:  Please use the email provided on the website and/or in the class syllabus the teacher emails to you prior to the first day of class.   Please respect that teachers do have families and are also teachers.  They will respond to you in a timely manner.  If you do not hear back with 72 hours, please contact Eva directly or please resend your email.  Please remember emails can end up in the teacher’s “spam folder”.

Communication: Families must register with a parent’s current, active e-mail address. E-mail will be the primary mode of communication to advise families about classes, registration, assignments, cancellations, etc.   E-mail addresses will not be shared or distributed for any other purpose. Please register only with an e-mail address that will be checked on a regular basis.

Special Needs:   If you have a child with special needs and you think he or she can keep up with the pace of the work as well as the teacher’s expectations, please feel free to register them.  However, it is advised that you send an email to both Eva and the class teacher to make them aware of any adjustments they might need to provide. .   The goal is to have students LEARN and SUCCEED.

Religion/Faith: Open Tent Academy is an inclusive, secular program with no religious affiliation.  All faiths are welcomed and encouraged to attend.  Absolute respect and tolerance for others is expected at all times.

For specific questions about Frequently Asked QuestionsSuppliesGlossary of Terms or What to Expect, please click on the appropriate link. For additional questions or issues, please contact Eva using the Contact Form above.

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