Social – Learning Pods

Because you asked for it… Open Tent Academy will be hosting weekly online Social Learning Pod sessions, starting in September!

We will have these split up into two separate groups, one for learners in grades 2-5, and another for learners in grades 6-9. In this ongoing month-by-month pod, learners will have a space to share what they are working on in their homeschool, build community and give shout outs and positive encouragement to one another.

For grades 2-5:

  • Check in
  • Open Share Time
  • Share Academic Work of the Week and Receive Feedback from Peers
  • Group problem Solve or Social Skills Activity
  • Goal Setting for Upcoming Week
  • Encouraging parting words

For grades 6-9:

  • Introductions and Social-Emotional Check-In
  • Open Forum Discussion for Academic & School-Related Issues/Concerns
  • Featured Problem-Solving Activity or Study Skill Technique
  • Shout-Outs & Appreciations

Upcoming Sessions

There are no upcoming events at this time

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