Student Writing – Powerful Paragraph – Structure:  Opinion and Reason
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There are many ways Mrs. Eva assists her students to write well.  First, she instructs us on how to free our writing from unnecessary or boring words.  In class, she tends to introduce words or phrases that people commonly use; then she provides her students with long lists of words that are more elaborate than the boring words.  Another way she supports her students is by inventing entertaining and addictive games that allows her students to learn while having a great time.  Perfecting our punctuation and capitalization is another task that Mrs. Eva completes.  When we send our papers to her, she will type “comma needed” in a crimson colored text along with other comments off to the side.  Another skill that she teaches is the use of different structures of paragraphs.  Sometimes we would need a different structure to fit in with the theme of what we were writing about.  Finally, Mrs. Eva allows each student, happy as a clam, to present a completed assignment to the  rest of the class.  These reasons and many others are how Mrs. Eva benefits her students, instructing them on how to compose amazing paragraphs.

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