Student of the Semester - Fall 2021 Meet Anna K.!

Name: Anna

Age: 15

Location: NY

Chosen for: Spanish 1, ASL 1, American Criminal Justice

Anna is a driven and passionate 9th grade student. She has a great love of birds and is an award-winning photographer. Frequently found out and about in nature, Anna scouts, photographs, research, and then produces content for her YouTube channel. As a former dancer, her artistic spirit is now engaged as she practices and performs aerial silks; she soon hopes to add hoop and trapeze to her aerial dance portfolio. With a strong inclination towards civics and law, Anna volunteers in the community as a member of the local youth court. On a low-key day, Anna can be found reading, baking, or relaxing watching her favorite Marvel movies, while snuggling with her three cats: Archie, Jasper, and Sylvie. Anna loves her Open Tent classes and has been able to dive in and really engage her interests under the guidance and expertise of her fabulous teachers.

What Rachel has to say about Anna:

Sra. Bevins would like to recommend Anna Kozaczka as Student of the Semester. Not only is her work in Spanish 1 always conscientious, neat, and thorough, in class she is always helpful and kind to both myself and other students. She has shown friendly leadership in study groups, and definitely went above and beyond completing the first section of the Hispanic Connections Through Cuisine Award. The photos of the feast she prepared from scratch along with the wonderful details about Hispanic traditions have gotten her classmates (and teacher) excited about this project. Sra. Bevins is thrilled to see her smiling face each week!

Rachel Bevins, OTA

What Melinda has to say about Anna:

Anna is being recognized for great attendance, participation, and showing tremendous effort in learning American Sign Language. She has excellent receptive skills and is improving the use of her non-manual markers. Anna is also cooperative and respectful to others in the online learning environment. Off to a great start kid! CONGRATULATIONS!

Rachel Bevins, OTA

What Jonathan has to say about Anna:

I have had Anna in several classes this year, but I have chosen her for this course primarily because she has shown a real aptitude for civics and legal matters. Her involvement and participation within her local youth court, along with future civics and government experiences and studies, will no doubt be useful to her future endeavors, both academic and professional.

Jonathan Meola, OTA

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