Student of the Semester - Fall 2021 Meet Connor H.!

Name: Connor H.

Age: 14

Location: NY

Chosen for: Geography Matters (World)

Connor loves sports, music, the outdoors, and so much more. He is in competitive Men’s Gymnastics and currently competes as a Level 7 gymnast. When he’s not exploring the outside or camping, he can be found working out with friends, playing the guitar, or coming up with new ways to be an entrepreneur. A few summers ago, he started his own lawn mowing business to earn money to go to a gymnastics camp, and he continues to grow that business. Additionally, had the honor of gaining a brother-in-law this past year, and recently discovered that he is now going to be an uncle, which he is most excited about becoming.

What Eva has to say about Connor:

Connor took his first OTA classes a year ago and since then, hit the ground running. He adds so much to every single class he attends. His knowledge about Geography is amazing. He has unique tidbits and random facts that everyone (including me!) finds fascinating. He participates and encourages others to do their best.

Eva Goldstein-Meola, OTA

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