Student of the Semester - Fall 2021 Meet Kadin S.!

Name: Kadin S.

Age: 16

Location: NY

Chosen for: Refugee

Kadin is a kind, caring, and compassionate young man. Kadin has struggled his whole life with chronic illness, which has made him extremely empathetic and understanding to others. Kadin is very dedicated to his schoolwork and has flourished in his writing since starting OTA. Some of Kadin’s favorite hobbies include football, Lego Creations, and Political Analytics. Kadin has been homeschooled since Pre-K.

What Eva has to say about Kadin:

Kadin is an exemplary student. He comes to class prepared, actively participates in class discussions, and always goes the extra mile on his assignments; however, what has impressed me the most this semester is his massive knowledge of history. During our class Refugee, Kadin would spew out information about various historical events that I didn’t even know. Humbly, he offers to share his expertise with the entire class. During class, he is a cheerleader to everyone – making all his classmates feel special.

Eva Goldstein-Meola, OTA

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