Student of the Semester - Fall 2021 Meet Logan P.!

Name: Logan

Age: 11

Location: WA

Chosen for: Digging Up the Roots: Greek & Latin, Geography Matters (World)

Logan is 11 years old and lives in Washington State only five minutes from the Canadian border. He is really enjoying his first year at OTA! His teachers have been so supportive and encouraging! Logan LOVES math and mind-bending puzzles, all things computer related, Tae Kwon Do, and Minecraft. Although he doesn’t necessarily ‘like’ piano lessons, he is musically gifted and continues to tolerate piano and voice lessons.

What Eva has to say about Logan:

Logan has been an amazing addition to Open Tent.  In Geography Matters: World, he is a wealth of information.  He often, politely, adds additional facts and information to our class discussions.  His maps and his Geography Trail questions are beautifully done.  He is respectful and kind to his classmates!

Eva Goldstein-Meola, OTA

What Jonathan has to say about Logan:

Logan is an eager and enthusiastic part of our Digging Up the Roots: Greek & Latin course. He has demonstrated a strong affinity for exploring the not only the root words covered, but modern terms derived from these ancient nouns and verbs. Logan even has created Quizlets for his fellow students to use as a learning tool. Looking forward to seeing more good things – carpe diem!

Jonathan Meola, OTA

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