Student of the Semester - Fall 2021 Meet Mya B.!

Name: Mya

Age: 10

Location: VA

Chosen for: Basic ASL 101

Mya loves living near Washington, DC in an area where there is plenty of history, nature, museums and events to feed her curiosity! Mya is a ten-year-old nature lover who enjoys visiting with animals, exploring the woods and creek by her home, and hiking the path along the Potomac River. Mya is an excellent cook who loves to bake and create her own recipes. She has been known to create her own “technical challenges” for herself and her family – just like in The Great British Baking Show. Mya is very interested in photography and loves to make stop motion videos of all kinds, but her favorite pastimes of all are reading and writing. Mya’s love of reading spans all genres and has grown quite an impressive library in her home – and she loves to lend books to friends whenever she can. We are exceptionally proud of Mya and her drive to follow her heart, and thankful that OTA has been the most spectacular fit for her!

What Heather has to say about Mya:

From the first day of class, Mya has been a help to myself and her fellow students as we navigated Canvas and Jigsaw for the first time – she is our “go-to techie” during class. She has formed friendships with her classmates. Mya also keeps up with the signs we are learning, participates in all the activities during class, and has completed all her homework assignments on time. She shows great potential as a future leader, as well as a signer.

Heather Lavin, OTA

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