Student of the Semester - Fall 2021 Meet Patrick W.!

Name: Patrick W.

Age: 13

Location: VA

Chosen for: Biology, HS Geography

Patrick is passionate about music; not just classical, but also earlier music such as Renaissance, and before. His two main instruments are cello and piano, but he also enjoys playing the banjo. His favorite academic subject is history, and he has taught himself a lot of history through collecting coins. Recently, Patrick started riding dressage. When he has free time, he enjoys carving spoons and learning about wood.

What Heather has to say about Patrick:

Patrick is a hard worker and turns in homework that is often above and beyond what is asked of him.  His homework projects are very creative, and you can tell he took his time to learn as much as he could about the assignment.  Patrick is also a student that likes to participate in class.  He will add to the class by suggesting videos or documentaries of topics that we are learning.  This only helps to make the class more enjoyable.

Heather Getson, OTA

What Jonathan has to say about Patrick:

Throughout this course, Patrick has repeatedly shown his enthusiasm for the subject, with a special appreciation for the cultural and historical contributions of various regions and countries. He has also used his musical and creative talents to demonstrate his knowledge. Patrick is also not shy about sharing his knowledge in our class sessions, and has helped to encourage his classmates to become more active. It has been great to have Patrick participate as a student in this class, and I hope to see more from him in future courses.

Jonathan Meola, OTA

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