Student of the Semester - Fall 2018 Ainslie D. - WA

Ainslie D

Ainslie is 9 years old and lives in Washington state.

She loves writing novels, drawing and painting, knitting, and reading mystery books. She also enjoys playing with Legos and her stuffed animal collection.
Ainslie loves to dance and takes classes in ballet, jazz, lyrical, and hip hop. She is in her 4th year on the competitive dance team. She has also recently fallen in love with Highland (Scottish) dance as well! 

Ainslie dreams of becoming an architect someday and likes to design house plans and buildings. She would also like to become a prima ballerina.

What Eva Goldstein-Meola has to say about Ainslie:

“Simply put, Ainslie is an absolute joy to have in class. She is knowledgeable about the subject matter, a cheerleader to other students as well as a joy to have in class. Not a day goes by that I do not learn something new from her! Her “Living Wax Museum” project on Sally Ride was simply magnificent! I am so happy she will be a part of Exploring American History through the American Girls for the remainder of the year because her presence in class just makes me smile!”

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