Student of the Semester - Fall 2018 Celia M. - ME

Celia M Swimming

Celia has passions revolving around water. She enjoys taking trips to the ocean and exploring life around it. She wants to be a marine biologist and an artist when she’s older.

Celia has started her third year on the Dolphin Swim Team in Maine. She is currently on Gold level and her favorite swim stroke is the butterfly.

Celia enjoys taking watercolor classes with her local teacher. Her favorite watercolor painting was a galaxy doughnut.

Celia’s newest accomplishment is learning the xylophone. Her teacher says she has an amazing ear for it and helps her band partner in percussion class.

What Sarah Pope had to say about Celia:

“Celia M. is always engaged during class. Every lesson and assignment that she done have been thorough. Her desire for in depth coverage of class topics has led to numerous thought-provoking discussions. Marine Biology is definitely a subject she enjoys, as it shows in her work.”

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