Student of the Semester - Fall 2018 Rachel C. - PA


Rachel loves to play music! She has played piano for years and spends much time every day sharing her music with the family. She plays flute and just joined the local marching band this fall.

Rachel loves to write poetry in her free time and also works on any other writing projects she has started, even self-publishing her first short novel last year.

Rachel excels in Bible memory work and loves being part of her Bible quizzing team. She devotes many hours to this team and loves the kids in this group.

What Selena Robinson has to say about Rachel:

Simply put, Rachel is a wonderful student. She is very conscientious about turning in her assignments and communicating whenever there’s a problem. She works hard to do her best in the class and on her homework. Most of all, Rachel is supportive of her fellow students. She’s always cheering them on in chat and offering to help them.

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