Student of the Semester - Fall 2019 Elizabeth S. – NJ

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Elizabeth is a voracious reader and loves collecting old books. Her favorite subjects include historical non-fiction and classic literature. Elizabeth’s favorite writers include Shakespeare, Voltaire, Dostoevsky, and Aristotle just to name a few. She is passionate about history and instilling a love of learning history in others.

Elizabeth loves volunteering as a docent at her local historical museum dressed in full Victorian costume. She also enjoys participating in historical reenactment, and in addition plays the harp and has just started learning the flute. Elizabeth is nearly fluent in German, having taught herself over the past two years. She put her amazing language skills to good use when she got to travel to Berlin, Germany for the first time this summer. It was by far her favorite place to visit and hopes to go back to Berlin soon.

What Merium Khan had to say about Madelyn:

Elizabeth continually impresses with the depth of her interest and study into Shakespeare. She reads related works to build her knowledge of the plays and is always ready to contribute her observations and insights to the class discussions. As a teacher, I am thrilled to work with a student who is so passionate and devoted to the study of Shakespeare, history, and literature.

Merium Khan, OTA Instructor

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