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Emmelin loves to dance! She takes ballet, jazz, lyrical, and hip hop, but her favorite class is tap. She is on the competitive dance team and she loves performing up on the stage. She also just recently began taking horseback riding lessons, which she looks forward to every week. Emmelin loves playing with Legos, Breyer horses, and anything Harry Potter themed. Her favorite subjects in school are math and writing. 

What Eva Goldstein-Meola had to say about Emmelin:

Emmelin goes above and beyond 100% of the time. If I ask for adjectives to describe a person, she creates a poster with a picture of the person, adjectives and sentences using those adjectives. If I ask for a paragraph report, she produces a report that is several pages. Not only this, but Emmelin is active during class. She always has details and other information to add about whatever we are studying! Emmelin is a pleasure to teach!

Eva Goldstein-Meola, OTA Instructor

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