Student of the Semester - Summer 2020 Meet Emily!

Name: Emily

Age: 9

Location: CA

Chosen for:

  • Hogwarts at Home: Harry Potter & the Sorcerer’s Stone (Brittany)
  • Geography Matters: USA (Eva)

Emily loves to read, and her favorite books are the Harry Potter series.

She takes amazing photos of her two cats and edits them into movies.

She also adores snow, pumpkin pie, getting up early, and fuzzy sweaters.

In her spare time, she teaches her parents how to use Siri.

What Brittany and Eva have to say about Emily:

Emily is a true Gryffindor – she is loyal, adventurous, inquisitive, and a genuine friend.

Emily’s enthusiasm for the Wizarding World is matched only by her willingness to debate the intricacies of J.K. Rowling’s literary works.

She can always be counted on to encourage her classmates in their efforts and gives her best effort on her own assignments.

Additionally, Emily’s work in Geography Matters – USA is amazing!

She puts 110% of herself into every class and assignment!

Keep shining bright, Emily!

Brittany Robbins and Eva Goldstein-Meola, OTA

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