Student of the Semester - Winter 2021 Meet Faith!

Name: Faith

Age: 11

Location: VA


Faith is a sixth grader who enjoys all things creative. She is a competitive swimmer and has been qualified to compete in the Junior Olympics for two years in a row. During her free time, she loves performing magic tricks and telling riddles. She also enjoys improvising on the piano and ukulele. Her dream is to become a published author one day and to perform magic tricks while traveling around the world.

What Eva has to say about Faith:

Faith joined OTA this past year and jumped right into PERSPECTIVES. From the first day in class, she was part of the gang! She asked questions, participated in discussions and cheered her classmates on! Her written work, specifically essays, improved 10-fold over the course of the semester. She learned so much about writing! I couldn’t be prouder of Faith!

Eva Goldstein-Meola, OTA

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